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2011 Aug 20
My Father visited me this weekend, and we went to Pub Italia last night. We may have crossed paths. Where were you sitting?

We were on the left hand side of the patio.

2011 Jun 20
Thanks for the encouragement. Not sure what you mean by trends, but I guess restaurant hunting has become some what of a hobby of mine.

Best Regards,


2011 Feb 14
Wow, we have very similar taste! I’m a big fan of the soup guy and German town. These are quality staples for me. And yes, La Bottega and Sausage Kitchen can’t be beat  I have breakfast every Wednesday with my bible study group at blue gardenia. They accommodate a group of 20-30 every single Wednesday. The coffee is on the house, and the service is quick and friendly. We all love Joe, he runs a great business. I have not tried their famous garlic salad… so thanks for reminding me, it’s on my list of things to try.

Also – I’ve been there and done that at Murry – (best charcuterie in Ottawa). They also have amazing breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a very nice cassolet there. I havn’t ever plunged for the pig head, only because I don’t have enough friends brave enough to eat it with me – bummer.

2011 Feb 14
As for Petit Bill’s, Planet Coffee, and L’Ange – these are new to me… So I think I’ll be checking out Planet Coffee for lunch tomorrow. I’ll take pictures and post a review. I’m sure it’s delish considering our similar pallets.

Thanks for sharing, Cheers!

Ps. You must work for the PMO? Is that terribly wrong or a good guess?

2011 Feb 11
I am very glad you enjoy my reviews. I am just happy people actually read them :)

Do you have any hot spots I should know about?

I havn't commented on it yet (seeing as thought I have a 10-12 picture backlog to catch upon), but have you tried the Savana Cafe? It's a little out of the way, and it's not a take out place. Trust me, it is great! I had a shrimp burger there which had plenty of silatro, pickled onions, spicy mayo and chicken terrine on a bun. It was served with Taro Chips. It was simply amazing. Nothing at all like I have ever had before - true fusion.

I'll be posting on that when I find the time.

Cheers, and happy eating


2010 Nov 5
YUM! Thanks for the suggestion, I will most definitely be checking that out... soon!

2010 May 20
I think I just passed you on Elgin Street, heading in the direction of the market. It took me moment to realize it was you! So, a belated "hello!".

2010 May 14
i am, although unlike my avatar character, i actually like tomatoes.

(she's a british cartoon, based on a book series, one of which is entitled "i will not ever never eat a tomato")

2010 May 14
LOVE the new avatar!!!

2010 Apr 25
deedee I didn't realize they had an online archives - thanks! What is ZINO?