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2014 Dec 19
FYI, this place moved a few months back now ... sad loss for me, since it was just around the corner from my workplace. New address is 2784 Lancaster Road, which is basically Walkley and 417.

2013 Jan 31
Popped in for a couple rotis the other day - spicy veg for self, chicken for friend. Not speaking for her's, mine was quite tasty and filling enough for a modest $7.95. With Caribbean Flavors closure, i'd lean toward T-Heat's as the best (veg) roti in west - by comparison, its curry is wetter & more flavorful vs. Mugena's (which i personally find a bit dry/monotonous). Owner/Chef is friendly and was happy to make our food to taste.

A minor improvement might be a salad or soup to round out the roti dishes a bit, but i sense (hope) the menu will evolve and expand as clientele grows. The owner spoke of opening for weekend breakfasts, one that will include both "Canadian" options and Caribbean standards along the lines of ackee & salt fish, dumplings, plantains and other yummies that probably speak to an under-represented niche in the Ottawa breakfast scene.

Further to Tourist's review, the restaurant itself continues to be a work in progress, a bit drafty, but there's now ample seating (approx. 15 tables or so). A divider separates the eating area from the store. It no Gezellig, Tropical Heat aims for a different type of conviviality - that 1970s home-style rec-room meets cafeteria chic you'd find in other comfort-eating places on that Merivale strip. Take-out is also available, and i believe delivery may be on offer soon as well.

2012 Jun 15
Just noticed this place yesterday, although the owner said they have been open since January.

I thought I'd drop in for a roti at lunch today.

I ordered the veggie roti, a filling of potatoes and chickpeas. It was quick, tasty and a good size, for $9 including tax.

They also offer other caribbean dishes such as oxtail, ackee and salt fish, jerk chicken...

For now, forget about the caribbean groceries. Other than fresh plantains and cassava root, not much caribbean products there.

Current seating is limited to about 3 tables, but the plan is to expand in the coming weeks. The whole place still looks like a work in project.

This is very close to work so I will definitely be going back for more for get my roti fix!