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2011 Oct 29
Re: Nomad Chef.

I believe that he is there from 5-9 each day. I would recommend subscribing to his newsletter, which is simply a weekly update of the soups that he has.

2011 Jul 1
No apology necessary. Have a good Canada Day!

Cheers mate!

2010 Sep 22
tell me about it!.. I had never really looked before I left, but I don't believe it should be so hard to find an 'authentic' bowl of ramen in the city.. I'm open to suggestions if you know of any..

2010 May 2
this was definitely a point of discussion during our meal. i'm a little skeptical myself that it could be sustainable here, however, if they follow the format it might just work. the charming Japanese staff is crucial! i've read that Guu is really the first izakaya in Toronto to get it "right".

would love to see a location here. still dreaming of the takowasabi!

2010 May 1
itchy - i finally made it to Guu a few weeks ago and the experience was nothing short of amazing.

what a great atmosphere!

2010 Apr 30
Thanks Itchy - in late summer I'm usually running a surplus of mixed boletes, will keep in touch! If I hit the motherlode of morels, I may have some to spare ;)

2009 Oct 2
Hi Itchy,

Yes my bike is a long tail cargo bike. There are kits you can buy to do it (a good one is XtraCycle), but I did it by welding two bike frames together. I used a plastic snowboard for the rack at the back. I biked home with the entire contents of my work desk on it in June. They even did an article on it in Momentum magazine which really impressed my son.

2009 Sep 3
We must have crossed paths at some point in our dining experiences... Mugena, Nokham, Pookies, Hino...

2009 Aug 2
Hey IF,

Thanks for the nice review of ZenKitchen! We laughed out loud at the izakaya reference - we're definitely influenced by the Tokyo izakayas that we've spent too much time in, but we didn't know that it was so apparent. Though we do have shochu on the bar menu...

Please feel free to ID yourself next time you're in - I'd love to meet you.


2009 Jan 21
You know, I have to say: reading your recent reviews, I feel as though you should create a sort of Wellington Street restaurant crawl.