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2011 Aug 18
Hey Francis, Are you available tomorrow? I've just received my heater and dont quite understand how to set up my PID.

2011 Aug 7
Hey Francis,

I just finished building my immersion circulator and was wondering if you could have 10 or 15 minutes sometime this week to help me program the PID controller?

2011 Jul 20
Cuba is fantastic! I love the resorts - stick to 5 star because if you settle for any less, you are gambling with the food quality (hotdogs and mystery meat).

If you are interested, I highly, highly recommend Paradisus Rio de Oro in Holguin. I have been there three times now. Although my family does a early Christmas trip to cuba (7 years running), Paradisus is the only resort we have returned to.

If you go off season, it's very affordable (1500 to 2000 per head). Just make sure you go exploring Cuba - outside of the resort that is (which you have already done!). We also have friends who work at the resort and they invited us to their apartment in downtown Holguin for dinner. Had wonderful rice and beans, and of course pulled pork, plantain and yuca. Yum Yum!

It seems my profile picture has not changed yet - I think there is a delay, at any rate, you will be able to see the pig eventually.

Hope to see you at the foodie potluck!

2011 Jul 20
Hey Francis!

I just read about your cuban pork experience. I have experienced virtually the same situation. I have some very close cuban friends who live on a farm near Holguin.

This family is very, very poor, barely literate (in spanish), but some of the most welcoming, Christian people we have ever met.

After meeting them one year, the next year when we returned, they slaughtered a piglet and roasted it over a spit for us. Even in their poverty, they shared everything they could. I was given the honour to cut the pig. Wow! was it ever an amazing meal! I posted a new profile pick - which shows the pig we ate.

We surely helped them out with gifts from Canada and - seemingly very little money for us (about $1000) - but over a years salary for them. I love Cuba...


2011 Jun 27
Thanks, turns out I bought a waterbath from him a couple months ago.

2011 Jun 26
Could you send me the contact info for those centrifuges...

2010 Jul 11
Hi Francis,

I didn't log in until now. Sorry for my late response. I am not a fan of fish sauce. If I go buy one, I will buy the expensive one. Yes. They are expensive.

2009 Oct 14
hi Francis, shouldn't you really tag yourself as a "fan" of Natto?

2009 Oct 2
Hi Francis. Yes, as you suspected, the server for OttawaFoodies runs off 100% green energy via the Bullfrog Power service.

2009 Oct 1
Francis, belated thanks for the Chinesefood link on your 99cent thread! Much appreciated -- the recipes look great.

As does your bike, btw. I'm assuming you modified it?