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2015 Mar 23
You can buy different varieties of pure Canadian honey in our shop -Local Honey Bazaar at 1300 Carling Ave, Ottawa, K1Z 7L2.

2013 Mar 4
Thanks so much for all your tips. I'm @laurendorphin on twitter :)

2012 May 29
Hello hipfunkyfun,

I am looking to get started making kombucha. I have researched around Ottawa and am finding it difficult to get the Scobi. I came across this thread and noticed that you are offering babies when available. Is this something that you are still offering to help people out with?

Thank you,


2012 Apr 13
Hello, I am new in this place, I joined this forum because google showed your conversation and photos about growing the kombucha scoby and I will like to have a scoby to prepare at home the kombucha tea.

2011 Jul 6
hey, thanks for the tips. i'll definitely try that!

2010 Aug 12
Hi hipfunkyfun,

Thanks for your response. I'll let them know about your recommendation. They are all beer drinkers and they will go there right after they've checked in the hotel. I will meet them there. Hope that the food is good as per the comments here.

2009 Dec 10
Catching up on old forum posts and noticed that you posted about How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Is it at all vegan friendly? Just wondering if it's worth me asking for it for Christmas.

2009 Apr 30
Hey! I wanted to tell you we had an $0.89 cupcake today at Morning Owl. It was delicious!

2009 Apr 24
I can't believe you just posted about Morning Owl - one of my coworkers stopped by my desk MAYBE two hours ago with one of their coffees and recommended it to me!

2009 Jan 27
Based on your Amate review, I'm pretty sure that I was the one with that tortilla soup.. It was very good indeed. Small-ish world.