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2011 Sep 30
Hey yessi,

Sorry this reply is so late.
But Banh Xeo is eaten like a lettuce wrap.
You take a piece of lettuce put some herbs in there, put a piece of the Banh Xeo, wrap it up, and dip it. And repeat until the Banh xeo has disappeared! :)
pretty simple.

2011 Aug 17
Hey Yessi,

Yeah that was me. This was in the post about the Flash Rob and the quickie.

Hilarious picture!

Surely I have facebook - and I find it useful - but I see so many people using it as a tool to say: "look, look at me, look how happy I am, look at all the stuff I have etc".

It'll be interesting to see our generation take the political reigns from our parent's generation. HaH!

2011 Jul 21
I have never been to the Palace on Carling, only the one of Rideau, which I find to be hit and miss. Don't get me wrong, I have had phenomenal shawarmas there, but sometimes - like you said - if they shave off of the wrong spit, you could be in for dry chicken.

But I disagree about garlic being the be all and end all of Shawarma. It's all about the perfect balance between the different tastes, sour (pickles), pungent (onions), garlicy, chickpee[ee] (hummus), sweet (sweet sauce), bitter (tahini), and all the other ummami goodness that goes into the meat. I don't mess around with shawarma, thats why when I go to maroush, they always look at me funny when I ask for, hummus, garlic, tahini and sweet sauce all on the same sandwich. Trust me, it works and its a taste explosion.

Garlic sauce takes center stage though, and I think we agree on this.

Have a good weekend!

2011 Jul 21
Thanks for the kind words.

I probably didn't appreciate it enough growing up, but looking back I really appreciate it.

What I'm jealous about is their food vacation to Tuscany (that hey just returned from). Apparently my Dad found this restaurants with the the best mussels he has ever eaten and he literally ordered it for a starter and a main. My Dad said "the waiter looked at him and said, really?? ok...[long pause]". It's not like he did this only once, apparently they went to this restaurant for lunch a few days in a row and he did the same thing. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

2011 Jul 21
You definitely have a sense of humour that I really appreciate. I also love garlic sauce.. where is your favorite? I think the best garlic I have had was at Shawarma Palace, but I find them so inconsistent that I havn't had the urge to go back. Orient House on Laurier has a nice garlic sauce, but by far my favorite (in terms of consistency, price and size) is the Maroush (the real Maroush in Hull on St. Joseph or the one on Elgin), not that impostor on Rideau.


2011 Jun 2
Hahaha... was that brought on by my recent La Crémičre comment??

BTW, I have to agree on the Stagg Chili. Nasty stuff. Strangely, the similarly priced Campbell's stuff is pretty good!

2011 Jan 28
Hey there just saw your comment -

I think you are absolutely correct. I know exactly who she is (we used to go at least once a week) and she totally seems to be in control of everything. I have not seen her at all recently, but I do intend to write her a letter explaining what's going on in her absence.

It's such a shame because the food is awesome :(

2010 Nov 4
your profile picture makes me cackle ;)

2010 Oct 5
While, Ive got no particular opinion on the subject, any medical commentary which involves a diagnostics of 'douchebaggery' deserves a thumbs-up in my book...

2010 Sep 29
Thanks! I'm glad they didn't look too terrible, since they were taken by my old iPhone. :-)