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2010 Oct 3
Hi Rachelle, I love your photos!

2010 Aug 9
Hey Rachelle! I'm checking out Savana Cafe for my anniversary dinner tonight, thanks to your great reviews. :)

2010 May 3
I'd like to second FF's comment about your lunch at Benny's Bistro :) And ALSO echo your question: WHY? Why is this place so far from my work?

2010 Apr 29
I just loved reading your description of lunch at Benny's Bistro. You should get yourself a blog or something! Haha! ;-)

2010 Apr 8
thank you!!

2010 Apr 6
love your blog, and your photos are fantastic!!

2010 Mar 28
I love your reviews! :)

2010 Jan 9
haha, nice! thanks!

2010 Jan 5
wow great reviews! i could spend my whole afternoon reading those! oops I'm supposed to be working!

2009 Dec 1
Have you had perogies from Perogies Takeout on Baxter Rd (near Ikea)? They are amazing! I love the Warsaw, but they haven't beat Perogies Takeout yet for perogies! While at the Warsaw you should give the Paczki a shot... Polish donuts, mmm...