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2011 Jun 2
No worries! To be honest, I did notice some sketchy things about Moni Mahal, but I guess I chose to ignore them.

Seeing it in writing is a different story. Also, what was the sleeping thing all about? I guess a cook was sleeping in the kitchen during an inspection? WTF...

More disgusting is the fact that Moni Mahal's infractions could make up a small novel.

There is better Indian food to be had elsewhere. That being said, I'm going to read up on all the indian restaurants I eat at now. Having been to india, I did experience what indian 'sanitation' is like, or lack thereof.


2011 Jan 31
I am similarly baffled by your shroom but also approve. :) Approval: full circle, yo.

2011 Jan 18
LOL! It still makes me laugh everytime I use it now!

2010 Dec 2
well said...

2010 Sep 1
Thanks for the rec! The promise of papusa and chicharones has made my day!

2010 Aug 26

I've only eaten at Aletier once about 8 months ago. I really enjoyed it and I will go again. I found some of the dishes were hit and miss but when you are being creative, you will take risks that don't always pane out and I am okay with that.

I think as the restaurant matures they will get better and hopefully they will encourage other young chefs to explore molecular gastronomy.

In fact Steve Poltnicki told me he would like to fly up to catch the Rangers playing the Senators on Dec 9 and we have a wager for the bill at Atelier on the outcome of the game. I thought it was pretty cool that he is flying up here to try the restaurant out based on my email and a look at the website.


2010 Jul 29
It took all of my self control and discipline NOT to follow up the riding dirty picture with another one. But know one thing: It would have been gold, Jerry, gold!!!!

2010 Jun 30
i was totally shocked as well scott!!! that place is my fave place for plateware and the odd food item but again it's like winner's, you have to go through a lot of crap to find some gems! yes i now buy it from home sense on merivale, they have it for $2.29 each in 4-packs BUT it's not consistent and not usually a regular item stocked according to the mgr. grace in the kitchen had it for $2.59 each.

home sense do have a lot of cool original food items and sauces not easily found at grocery stores! grab stuff when you can cuz when there gone, there's no guaranteeing they'll be back.

2010 May 4
Cool profile pic - very appropriate! However when I first log into ottawafoodies I still see your pasta-throwing chef. If you hit the "shift" button then click on the refresh icon your new picture will appear-;) Happy morel hunting!

2010 Apr 29
logged in for the first time in a month to send compliments on your new photo. Nice!

Happy hunting, and while i don't have much to barter, i'd exchange a bottles of wine or two (or similar) if you have anything to part with.