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2015 Jul 25
Delicious. Had the early grey marmalade saison by Dominion City Brewing and the chicken liver paté to start - came with crabapple jelly, thin slices of fresh granny Smith apple, puffed grains and crostini. I'll be dreaming of this dish, it was perfectly seasoned, balanced flavours. For mains we had the grilled chicken with cauliflower and pickled carrot, and the beef and broccoli. Straightforward flavours in both dishes, clean, not laden with starches, again perfectly seasoned and cooked. We split the cheese plate and the fugazi for dessert. The fugazi - unreal, basically breakfast for dessert, banana polenta cake that was seared, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with granola, bruléed banana alongside. So delicious. Excellent, well informed service. I will return.

2014 Nov 30
Bobby Fillet, the salami and cheese were good quality charcuterie, for which $6-7 per item seems to be the going restaurant price. Steep in some senses, but not out of line.

Haha, didn't notice the gator until you mentioned it! :)

2014 Nov 30
There's a gator in your soup!

I hope that ploughman's platter was high quality, cuz it looks kinda tiny for $13 IMO.

Maybe I'm just used to the Ashton Pub platter that is pretty substantial...

2014 Nov 29
We had a wonderful Saturday lunch here. It was everything we'd heard: tasty, local, light, innovative, pleasant. Super friendly service, wine bottles filled with water, bright and airy decor.

My Broccoli Soup ($5, top left in pic) with savoury almond crumble was warming and flavourful. The Ploughman's ($13, top right in pic) featured generous Seed-to-Sausage hunter's salami and aged Cheddar slices, with house pickled onions, and a wonderful pile of lightly dressed cucumber thins. The warm crusty wedge of bread and grainy mustard were perfect too.

My wife's Chickpeas plate ($13, bottom left in pic) was exceptional. Warm, pan-fried spiced chickpeas (presumably in butter), with shaved raw cauliflower, long ribbons of carrot, and quite a lot of Italian parsley. The dressing was subtle, but it totally worked without overwhelming any of the ingredients. Perfect balance.

Of course we had to try dessert ($8 each). My wife's Mocha Mousse (bottom right in pic) was of good quality. She liked it more than I did, but that's personal taste for you. My Olive Oil Cake with Almond Cream was spectacular. Moist citrus-spiked cake with torched Swiss meringue, surrounded by an incredible almond pastry cream and accompanied by a shard of almond brittle.

There is magic happening here.

2014 Nov 14
Had a work lunch here. I stuck with simple option - tomato soup and grilled cheese. It was fantastic. I could eat that lunch every day. It was busy and staff were slow, so don't go if you have a meeting to get to.

2014 Aug 29
The partner and I stopped by again for our anniversary dinner. Another great meal and great service.

We split their green salad to start. Loved the puffed quinoa and almonds, good counterpart to the beets and thinly sliced radishes. Very well balanced dressing.

For mains, I had the beets with fennel, leeks, navy bean purée and crostini. The beets were lovely and sweet, really enjoyed the purée. I would eat it with a spoon. The leeks and fennel were nicely roasted, though the leeks suffered from a slight toughness to them. Nothing unmanageable, but just enough to notice. Would absolutely order again.

Other half had the bison with cornbread, wilted greens and baby squash, though the squash turned out to be substituted for yellow beans (which wasn't at all an issue). Plate was cleaned before I got half way through mine.

For dessert, I had to get the fugazi again. Still delicious banana-bread-corny goodness. Still wanted to lick the plate. OH got the peach panna cotta. It was deemed perfect, not too sweet. A good end to the meal.

For an app, two mains, a beer and two desserts, came to $95 with tax and tip. Service was just as attentive as ever without being overbearing. A great night out.

2014 Aug 11
I saw that Clover was open last week and the partner and I decided to stop in for lunch today. A fabulous idea and a wonderful lunch.

I had the legumes plate, a warmed chickpea salad with white balsamic, parsley and tarragon. It also had purple carrots, radish, summer squash and cucumber, if I recall. It was absolutely delicious.

My dining companion had the ploughman's, which was deemed "very good," and the pickles received a "I want more pickles now" comment (meaning they were very good, please can we buy a jar of them).

We rounded it off with the fugazi for dessert. A warm slab of softly set polenta that tasted like corny banana bread. A few slices of bruleed bananas and some granola rounded it off. Sweet, but not cloying.

Decor is simple but tasteful (love the lamps), service was excellent and the price was very nice. Less than $50 for the two mains, a beer and a dessert. Will absolutely go again.

I should also mention that they're incredibly accommodating to vegetarians and vegans. A nice touch.