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I made it there today with some colleagues for a tailgate meetup . Everything looked good - but it was all really salty. The fries and the buger (I had the bacon cheese burger). I also ordered a chocolate shake that magically turned into strawberry by the time I started drinking it.

I so wanted to enjoy this place, but the salt content was just way too high. This was the Merrivale location, maybe I just got unlucky.

I recently bought frozen cod and frozen shrimp from Thyme and Again. Both of these come from Fogo Island in Newfoundland. They are excellent. I thought to mention it here before one wouldn't normally think to buy fish or shrimp here. The fish is sold in 5 pound boxes.

Kyoto SushiNov 16
During my Friday lunches out I recently re-discovered Kyoto Sushi. Looks like my last visit was even longer than I thought. Despite the reviews below I have been quite satisfied with the meals I've ordered here. I've been back three times in the last couple of months. The first time back I ordered chicken with udon noodles and got chicken with rice. The dish was very tasty and I liked the stirfry sauce they used but was disappointed when I opened the take out container and saw rice when I was expecting noodles ;( It was probably an honest mistake since the server and I were both wearing masks so between that and the protective shield it's possible she didn't quite hear what I asked for. The next time I went back I ordered an udon noodle soup with chicken and it was really good - nice rich broth with lightly steamed vegetables. On my last visit last Friday I got combination A which came with salmon and stirfried veggies on rice, tempura, and a side salad. Everything was very tasty. It has been pretty quiet on each of my visits - usually just myself and one other customer picking up - I hope they make it through the pandemic.

Go Gi YaNov 16
Now that I am in the office full time I am back to buying Friday lunches. I've been to Go Gi Ya a few times ordering the kbowl on my first visit then trying the fried chicken on the next visit. The fried chicken is very addictive and that's all I order now. I got a huge quantity of chicken so I saved the leftovers for dinner the next day. Despite the fact that the lunchtime crowd downtown has greatly diminished there was still a steady flow of people coming into Go Gi Ya for takeout orders.

Stopped in as I was craving a burger but I was disappointed. The burger was under seasoned and watery. If I had to guess I would say that the grill was not hot enough. The store is awesome though and problematic for me as I just grab all sorts of deliciousness while waiting for my burger. A big shout out to the sausage and egg rolls (the latter is GPish).

I guess this will be my last glowing review of Pelican. I ordered online for curb side pick up. The system is great and they bring it out to your car when you call them from the parking lot. I got some delicious smoked salmon and a lobster spaghetti. The spaghetti was buttery deliciousness with great lobster flavour. The staff are great and I am gonna try and visit more often.

For our 3 year dating anniversary Saturday, my wife and I splurged and ordered takeout and a cocktail from them for dinner.

First off, we ordered what they called the date night special. For $78 we got four meats (we choose brisket, pulled pork, fried chicken and the flank steak), a massive portion of mac and cheese and cowboy beans, two pieces of cornbread, a slice of cake, and a bottle of wine which if we had ordered separately would have been $50. So all in all, a really really good deal.

Let's go into the dishes component by component.

The brisket was melt in your mouth tender. It packed such a good rub that it didn't need any sauce, it had a great ratio of fat to meat, and it was far and away my favourite part of the meal.

The pulled pork was also excellent. Fat chunks mixed in, with a carolina style vinegar sauce that cut the richness nicely. If we hadn't gotten the brisket, this would have been my favourite.

The fried chicken was good. Crisp outside, juicy inside. The batter contains a fair bit of cayenne or something similar, it left my mouth tingly. If you like spicy fried chicken, you can't go wrong.

The flank steak was, unfortuantely, our least favourite. It was quite dry, and chewy. Even with sauce, it wasn't that good. I mean, it was tasty, but I'd rate it ok, instead of good. We both agreed, our least favourite.

The mac and cheese was standout. It was creamy, rich, and flavourful. The mac was cooked perfectly, not soggy, even for takeout. Highly recommended side.

The beans were also good. The sauce was spicy. The beans weren't overcooked, nor were they undercooked, but they still had some firmness to them that we are unused to. That being said, after two days in the fridge, then reheated over gentle heat on the stove, the beans became much softer and creamier and were delicious on our monday leftover dinner.

The cornbread was straight up divine. They included a tomato jam, but you don;t need it. It is so moist and flavourful, you don;t even need butter on it.

Finally, the cake was a decent piece of chocolate cake. I am not a big sweets person, so my wife ate most of it. She really really loved it tho.

The wine they sent us was perfectly balanced, not too sweet, and very very tasty. We enjoyed it alot.

I highly recommend getting their food. If you live within 6k, you can get it delivered. Otherwise, get takeout. Try all the cocktails too

Don Cherry'sOct 19
Drove past the other day and it seems to be closed (out of business) with the name of a new establishment (whose name escapes me) posted over top of the sign out front.

Grilled beef and pork and spring roll on vermicelli take out order. You can pay at the counter or they can bring it to your car, if you ask while ordering.

Yes, it is still open, but it moved from its prior location on Richmond near Woodroffe to Richmond just east of Kirkwood.

Does anyone know if this place is still open?

Donair and chicken shawarma mix platter

We have ordered from here twice in the past two weeks and I can say that we have found our new favourite local place for pizza.

The dough is lovely, springy, tasty, and with a good amount of crunch, and is tasty.

Who orders pizza just for the dough tho?

What we have gotten are the O'Connor, the Frank, The Lisgar and the Secret Jamaican Patty Pizza, as well as the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

All have been delicious. The house made sausage topping is amazing. The cheese great and the sauces divine. As well, the grilled cheese was pleasantly crisp bread, and beautiful stretchy cheese.

Honestly, even with the cost, this is a pizza that thrills. And yes, we did have it the next morning, as one does with leftover pizza, and it made the tastebuds sing.

If you want a good pizza, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Thick crust juicy and tasty pizza every time - we ordered the Hawaiian tonight. A kid favourite.

We got an order of chicken and cilantro dumplings today. These just may be the best dumplings we have ever had, but they were a tad on the salty side. Will be going back for more.

Tried Super Salads for the first time today and was impressed.

They have a menu of 6 salads, but you can also make your own from a long list of interesting ingredients.

I tried the “Hello Halloumi” which has halloumi, chickpeas, arugula, confit garlic, roasted squash, pickled red onion, toasted pine nuts, sumac pita chips and a green goddess dressing. It was super tasty and filling. Very fresh and original.

The service was quick and friendly and their small space looked clean. Good Covid protocols as far as I could tell.

Salad was pricey at $14.95 before tax and tip so this won’t be a regular thing for me, unfortunately.

Highly recommended, if you are ok with the price.

Please don't say a restaurant is closing without actually confirming that they are closing. Below is what they've written on their social media, it was very easy to find:

"It’s official... we are moving🎉
Don’t worry we aren’t going far, we will be calling the Almonte Riverside Inn located at 81 Queen Street our new home. We can’t think of anywhere else we would rather be, we are truly grateful for this opportunity given to us by Rob at Riverside.
We have had 10 (almost 11!) wonderful years at the Victoria Woollen Mill thanks to all of you. It is time to let someone else use the space and time for us to start a new chapter (one that includes a patio, finally!).
Heirloom evolved a lot over 10 years, the space we called home for so long did as well. A big part of what you serve is decided based on the space you have to work in. That being said, while our food will have the same love we have always put into it, the menus won’t be exactly what we have done in the past. In light of this, we have decided that we will no longer be Heirloom Café but Loom Bistro instead!
We are hoping to be up and running again by early to mid October, serving dinner most nights and Sunday brunch to start. We don’t know if we will start doing lunch service again, we don’t know a lot of things right now. Much like everyone else, we are taking things one day at a time.
You have no idea how excited we are to serve you guys again, it’s been way too long.
Thank you so much for your continued patience, love and support always, but especially through these last few months.
We love you all and are looking forward to seeing you very soon❤️🍅 Brandy and Richard"

Closed, killed by COVID.

We had an order of the shrimp/pork and the chicken and Chinese mushroom dumplings last night. Both were excellent and distinguishable from each other with hearty, chunky pieces. Delightful.
I can fry my own dumplings at home, but it was worth an extra dollar per order to get them to do it fresh.
The vinegar and hot chili sauce was excellent as well. Our homemade peanut sauce was an awesome topper, though.

I stopped by for a cheeseburger this week. Covid Protocols are well defined even though I was the only customer. (Heads up that online ordering seems to have a mandatory tip page). The cheeseburger was fresh and very tasty. I had the full complement of toppings and overall the burger was reminiscent of an A&W offering in both flavour and price. Big difference was the Priest’s bun. Surprisingly, it was great.