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Wow no comments on this place since my last one in 2018? Anyway, I went to the bank st location the other night before a movie with my oldest 3 kids. Overall the experience was very positive. Burgers were fantastic as one might expect from a burger joint. Onion rings are legendary as always. The offspring all enjoyed their meals greatly.

I do have a few qualms though.

Those ridiculous 500ml Anchor Hocking measuring cups for the found pop drinks need to go an never come back. I should have asked for a beer glass for mine. It was just stupid.

On a related note, I definitely give the server points for being on top of things and making sure we were taken care of - clearly they train the staff well to keep their eye on the tables. However not sure if this part is standard policy or not but our drinks were being whisked away to be refilled before they were even empty, and without asking first! Zoom, zoom and the stupid measuring cups are gone and zoom, zoom they are back and full. That's not cool because people don't always want a refill, but people like me also don't like wasting food. And if I had been asked I'd have asked for a different flavour of pop than the one I started out with.

Anyway, I'll recap that overall very positive. But those couple of things really irked me.

I guess I should also mention that food was delivered in a timely fashion too. Another on the positive side.

Oh yeah one more quibble - it would be nice to have a healthy option on the menu. I wanted good burgers for my kids but would have preferred a healthier wrap or something for myself.

This place is great.
I've eaten there twice in the past several months, and both times had delicious chicken schniztel (don't remember the specific flavours I chose), generous servings, and excellent spaztle.

There's also tempting desserts on display lining the wall (the first time I visited I bought some studel and rum balls to take home, the second time I acknowledged that I was too stuffed from my meal)

Being a lunch place and closed Sundays I can't often get there, but it's well worth it when I can.

Gongfu BaoDec 30
Had the brisket bao and pork sui Mai. The bao bun was delicious but the brisket was a little to greasy for my liking. Sui Mai has way too much Chinese 5 spice for my liking and to me paying 9 dollars for 3 pieces of sui mai is too much. Would go back and order other items but wasn’t a fan of these. Service was super friendly and efficient.

Grill 41Dec 26
...and carrot cake with a light ginger hit for dessert. Five stars.
A new Christmas tradition has been found. : )

Grill 41Dec 26
From the Christmas Table d'Hote menu, enjoyed a really wonderful Christmas Eve dinner at Grill 41 in the Lord Elgin Hotel...the lights twinkly out the corner window near us.
I had a superb, smooth fennel scented beet soup with vanilla crema + excellent grilled Atlantic salmon with sautéed lemon shrimp and squash risotto with grilled brussels sprouts, parsnips and purple carrots. Top notch.

Service was excellent. We went for the 6pm seating - a nice balance of festively full tables but with a respectfully quiet vibe for conversation.

BibimbapDec 24
There is really good Bibimbap at the restaurant in the lobby at 1600 Carling Ave the former Corel building. To get it you'd have to check out the specials menu on Monday and see which day of the week it will be. In general they serve really good Asian dishes there though sometimes 1 day a week is hamburgers all other days are Asian food. Basically a really good Asian special every day unless you are unlucky and get there on hamburger day.

Bibimbap at Go Gi YaDec 18
Really great bibimbap! ($11.29) Generous portion of veggies and delicious sauce slathered meat on more than enough rice. Comes with small side of kimchi, not pictured. Looking forward to trying the fried chicken and k-bowls.

We had these guys at work yesterday and it was truly amazing food at a great price. Fully catered.

Sula WokDec 11
The Main St resto will be closed from Dec 21 to the end of Feb (they will be travelling, not "renovations" or anything like that).

So if you want a dumpling / taco fix before they go, better get in quick.

Go Gi YaDec 8
I have visited the bank location a few times and like their offerings. I have had the fried chicken and asked for it on rice. It is definitely enough food for two people.

On other occasions, I ordered the Tonkatsu chicken with rice (pictured). It was delicious. You can have it with jap chae (sweet potato nooodles) too which I prefer.

Som TumDec 6
I tried something new today: chicken and vegetables in spicy red curry sauce on rice. Thumbs up!

NordstromDec 5
I had been 3-4 times a couple of years ago and really loved this place. Good value, and at the time what I thought was the best burger in town.

Bazille has gone downhill. The other night I had a very dry, flavorless burger. The sharp cheddar advertised was a thin film of flavorless melted cheese. The shoestring fries with black olive aioli tapenade were as good as back then. $18

My wife's club sandwich was cold. The expensive kids meals: dry fingerlings seemingly reheated dried out green beans, bland chicken tenders. So-so, chilly service.

Won't be back.

Great new add to the menu: duck confit. . . . . .

Monkey Joe's Nov 22
The building is being torn down now.

The food was generally terrible, but they did have some of the only decent nachos I've had in Ottawa.

My son liked his 43. Guay Teau Lad Na with pork ($15.95). I tried a little and even though I love the spicy hit of pad kee mao I'm reeeally tempted to get this next time.

The gravy is heavy on black pepper and wok flavour. Scrumpdillyicious!

They seem to use this vegetable mix for many of their dishes, which might be disappointing if you're expecting Chinese broccoli (aka gai lan) with your Pad See Ew. That said, it's a nice mix so I'm not going to hold it against them.

Chicken Pad Kee Mao ($14.95) was delicious and pleasantly filling. This place is my current go-to for Thai food—partly because it's tasty and partly because it's not far from where I live.

For Pad Kee Mao afficionados, I should mention that the heat in this dish comes from dried powder chili peppers rather than fresh Thai chili. If you prefer the flavour and stronger sting of fresh chilis then you might not be thrilled with the version here.

It had been more than two years, so I figured it was time to have the Northern Fried Chicken and Waffles ($19) again. Aside from the $3 price jump, I found the waffle soft, chewy, and unremarkable. Maple syrup might have made it better (especially given the "Northern" branding of the dish) but alas this was cheap tasteless syrup. The coleslaw was miserable but the fries were fine. Bonus points for supplying gravy!

So really, you're far better off just getting a 3-piece side order of chicken for $10 and maybe a salad or fries and gravy. Pro tip!

Shared a Mixed Grill Plate ($22) and it was quite good. The meats here are mostly just okay. Potatoes, toum, and hummus all hit the spot. The star of the show is always the made-to-order pita here.

I also recommend the falafel, the cheese manakeesh, and the lentil soup!

Pastries at FarinellaNov 10
I tried one of Farinella's maritozzi at La Bottega Nicastro recently and it was really nice. Perfectly chewy rich bread, glazed with sugar, sliced open, and filled with vanilla cream. This was delicious in that wonderful homemade way where the ingredients taste clean and unprocessed.

Next time you think you want a doughnut, try a maritozzo instead! I enjoyed it much more than any doughnut. That said, I do still need to try Farinella's doughnuts...

Go Gi YaNov 9
Yesterday I finally made it back to Go Gi Ya to try some fried chicken. I got a generous portion of moist, crispy chicken served over a bed of styrofoam noodles and a coleslaw on the side and I ordered a garlic soy sauce on the side. The soy sauce was garlicky without being overpowering and, as James C. mentioned, the coleslaw was a nice palate cleanser. I had a taste of the styrofoam noodles but there was nothing to taste so I didn't eat them. I wish they would serve the chicken with real noodles or rice instead but that's just a minor complaint. This place is a real gem on Bank and I look forward to going back.

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