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2014 Apr 12
Thanks for your posts about making sauerkraut. I'm thinking of trying to make my own soon and I found your tips very helpful.

2013 Jan 10

Do you still have kefir grains?

2012 Dec 3
Thanks -- he lives in Stittsville. Thanks for the idea. I will do some googling.

2012 Dec 2
What's the closest one to his house? That would honestly be the best place to start. Make a list from there and see what you come up with. There are a number of good shops around.

2012 Dec 2
Hi Zym,
Your advice is needed.
I'd like to buy my dad a gift certificate to a butchery in Ottawa. He loves good roasts and steaks. Where should I go?
Thanks, Jess

2011 Aug 10
If you mean Romas, I have not even seen them yet in bushels though I have not been there in 4 or 5 days now.

2011 Aug 10
Hey Zym, next time you are at the Parkdale Market, would you mind inquiring about the going price for bushels of tomato?

2011 Mar 5
I saw your comment in Bytown Beanery about linking to another vendor (presumably to Moka Loka). I'm the only one who can do that kind of linking, but since you were the creator of the Moka Loka entry AND I hadn't yet approved it, you would still have been able to edit that one and rename it to Bytown Beanery. That's just for future reference... For now, I just executed your deletion of Moka Loka and approved Bytown Beanery.

I'm enjoying a cup of home roast as I write this. Good luck with this endeavour! :-)

2011 Feb 11
I'm very much enjoying your posts about becoming a butcher. Very interesting!

2011 Jan 15
Ha ha, whoops :-)