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2014 Jan 20 UNREAD

2011 Nov 10
I have tried Tennesy Williams good pizza but only a small size. Was not that fussy on La Favorita. Are you sure Calibria is wood fired?

2011 Aug 9
Pam, I go to Beckta tonight. I'm excited! Thx for writing the review!

2010 Sep 23

2010 Sep 23
Is your new profile pic from good times in Nawlins?

2010 May 3
Pam, did they have an option for homefries at Fresco Bistro?

2010 Mar 4
Thanks, Pam! Your new pictures, by the way, are great! :)

2009 Nov 14
hahaha just being an ass

re: Garlic Expresions - seriously though, it's good stuff. great as a salad dressing or with baguette. apparently it works well as a marinade, too.

2009 Oct 24
Thanks Pam - Ichibei eh, ok

(btw, if yer ever in Waterhen, MB, check out "Chicken Eh OK"). It's awful, but what a great name.)

2009 Aug 27
the cheese is named Sir Laurier d'Athabaska
one I feature at the resto
it's so smellygood!