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2008 Apr 12
This will depend on the portion of the pork meat you use. I normally use 2 big boy choy (I buy it from Farm Boy).

Wrapping the dumplings is an art. There is a technique that you need to practice.

This video may help.

2008 Apr 12

You can buy the wrapper from any of the Chinese grocery store. I like the one I mentioned before.

It is too much trouble to make soup dumplings at home. Potstickers are a lot easier.

I use Chinese bok choy (must put the bok choy in boiling water for 1 second and rinse in cold water) and then mince the pork with Bok Choy in the food processor. Put salt, sugar, soy sauce, spicy sauce, corn starch, and wine.

Then wrap the minced pork using the wrapper. Do you know how to wrap it? This is not an easy task.

2008 Mar 13
We stayed in Sant'Agnello at the "Majestic Palace". It's about a 10 minute walk to downtown Sorrento from there, which isn't bad, as you can walk mostly along the sidewalk above the cliffs. The local train even stops there 1 stop before sorrento. The rooms were WAY bigger than in Rome, so it was very welcome, and I would recommend it. Great views off the balcony over the bay, and huge shutters that close and black out the room. There was a nice little store up the main street selling homemade wine and sandwiches and produce that make for a great quick lunch. You can rent a car and travel further down the coast from there, and it's not too far from Pompeii either.

2008 Mar 12
We booked everything ourselves online from, whose prices were the best we could find. We flew Alitalia via Toronto to Rome, where we stayed for a few days, then took a train to Naples, and connected to a smaller train, almost like a subway car to Sorrento from there for about 4 days, then back up to Rome for a couple more nights before flying back. The Amalfi coast is unbelievable, especially Capri, where we took a ferry for a day from Sorrento. They had lemons the size of footballs! Hope this helps!