Montreal Smoked Meat at Dunn's Famous Deli
Montreal Smoked Meat at Nate's Deli
Montreal Smoked Meat at Nate's Deli Express
Where to get Montreal Smoked Meat

2010 May 31
Looks like there is hope after all!

I will be there this week! I tried La Station, it was good but not exceptional, popular spot though. Only yellow mustard. One thing I will miss for sure about GCNYD is the Hebrew National Mustard they served. Hopefully Bobby's has something equivalent.

2010 May 25
With the demise of Nate's and Grand Central within a week of each other, I am itching to figure out where to get my smoked meat fix. Clearly Dunn's is out of the question. Can anyone comment on the quality of the smoked meat on offer at the following places?:

Le Station (Gatineau)
Chenoy's (Gatineau)
Dandy Brisket (Southeast end)

any others?



2006 Oct 22
The smoked meat is very good here. A smoked meat on rye goes for $5.50 but the full platter is $9.95. Yep, they're charging $4.45 for a little cup of sickly sweet coleslaw and a handful of pretty bad fries. Next time I'll just order two sandwiches instead! :-)

2006 Sep 22
Stacked nice and high.. the best I tried outside Montreal itself. Make sure you ask for dijon. The ballpark flows a little to easily at Nate's.



2017 Sep 30
The Reuben Sandwich ($14) was pretty disappointing. Good fries, but not enough sauerkraut, no dressing of any kind, dryish meat, and even dryer bread. You'd be better off buying the pre-portioned Dunn's smoke meat at Costco and whipping up a sandwich at home.

Service was very weird, by a guy who did not seem like a regular server. When we asked for a particular table, he replied, “You mean the one that hasn't been cleaned yet? No.” Then he sat us at a very sticky table and later knocked over a water glass with barely an apology. It was all quite strange.

I'd chalk this place up as yet another beneficiary of the ByWard Market's guaranteed supply of first-time customers (tourists). Won't be rushing back.

2012 Sep 29
Stopped in for a late night take-out this week in the market and had the smoked meat sandwich alone with extra pickles on the side.

The sandwich was very, very good.. I have been craving one since. Decent size, stacked pretty high, meat was moist and the bread fresh.

Service was prompt and I was in and out in 5 minutes.

2011 Mar 7
Went to Dunn's on Dalhousie with some friends while waiting out the snowstorm in the early hours of Sunday morning. It was TERRIBLE. Not one of the 5 diners enjoyed their meal. I ordered the classic club sandwich with a side of poutine and both were dissapointing. The chicken in the club was really thick and very dry and sandwich appeared to have been assembled by a one-armed person. Everyone's fries were undercooked and the cheese on the poutine was not melted. They even screwed up the milkshake! it was not blended properly. The only good thing about the meal was the coleslaw, it was delicious. Delicious coleslaw however will not bring me back to Dunn's...never again!

2009 May 16
mediocre at best
rather dry