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2006 Dec 7
You nailed it on the head! My words chase me all day and into the night. I appreciate your words on ad-copy...and I whole heartedly agree. I find myself speaking/thinking bizz far too often! I hope that my next take on OTT's finest comes off as me....and I look forward to my next visit.

2006 Nov 16
You know, as I was snarfing down the sausage poutine outside JP's, I turned to Adam and said, "Next time my little bro comes to visit I'm taking him here and feeding him this!" I know you that well. :-)

2006 Oct 3
Heh! Indeed, I will give in to one of your comments -- having a First Nations ethnicity tag is a bit silly considering we have only one restaurant for it. I think you've convinced me to eliminate it in favour of Canadian.

Your other points don't sway me because they do not deal with ethnicity. It's important to know if a restaurant is in a sugar bush or to know if a chocolate vendor is a chocolatier rather than a grocery store.

If you get too hung up on tags then you're missing the true power of this site. Think of Google -- sure they have Google Directory, where things are neatly pigeon-holed into categories. But when you're looking for something do you go there? Nope, you type some keywords into their search box. That's how I want this site to work. In an ideal world, I wouldn't even have tags. I mean, if you're looking for Japanese cuisine, you can just search for sources of Sushi or Teriyaki or whatever it is you're craving. Tags are so limiting! :-)

2006 Oct 3
Ha! No way. :-) Here are three points to consider: 1) I want to keep things as simple as possible (as FEW categories as possible) because I've seen how out of control things get on other sites. 2) Your list of uniquely Canadian foods on wikipedia is really very small, so my original point stands. 3) Chinese-Canadian makes more sense than Canadian-Chinese because that way it appears next to Chinese in an alphabetically sorted list, meaning it actually gets noticed and used. Also Chinese-Canadian food is very different from Chinese food, both in origin and in nature. There are many people who love one but not the other. Most sites combine them into "Chinese" and are less useful as a result of it.

...damn you lawyers are always creating trouble where there is none! ;-)

2006 Oct 2
Tourtière and poutine belong in the "Canadian" category. Face it, there aren't all that many Canada-specific dishes out there -- if we had a Quebec-specific category where would we put the other things like maple syrup or cod tongues? :-)

2006 Sep 27
Thanks for the tip re: L'Argoat! I will have to venture over there very soon. :D

2006 Sep 21
Hey did you know that the Urban Pear (where we ate with you guys 4+ years ago) was started by a couple who used to work at the Sooke Harbour House near Victoria?

2006 Sep 20
Yeah.. I considered putting a photo album in each person's profile but won't do it that way because photos are best placed into the food/restaurant category they deserve. What I may well do is have a person's profile show all the photos they have uploaded. That's a good plan!