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2009 Jul 12
Thank-you for the recipe. i have copied it and hope I get time to put it together as a surprise for my hubby this week.

2008 May 8
I've found some of your reviews quite informative helpful and well done. I also love your food blog. Next time im in Toronto i'll be sure to check it out again. I hope you donít mind but Iíve added you to my list of favourites. I hope I can be of the same assistance to you.

2008 Jan 26
Candice, all the best to your new life in Toronto! Toronto has many good Chinese food.

If you get a chance, also try out the following Pan-Asian retaurants in Toronto:

- Riz Restaurant
- Lemongrass

I prefer Riz over Lemongrass though.

Riz's mango salad is very good. Their spring roll is the best I've tried (they use toro inside the spring roll). Their pho is made from clear chicken broth. Their beef sata was very good.

When we were there for lunch, it happened that the owner Terry Wei was there. She suggested the above dishes to us and she went to the kitchen to make some of the dishes to us. It was very delicious. Hope that you will try it one day and let me know how it goes. Thanks.

2007 Dec 21
Beautiful photos you just uploaded! Thanks for all your great input since the beginning of OttawaFoodies!

I wish you both all the best and a smooth start on your new life in Toronto. Stay in touch! Let me know if you start a new blog for Toronto -- I'll happily link to hit from here. :)

2007 Sep 30
It would be my pleasure if you would try the food at my expense. Just tell them that you are Candice from Ottawa foodies and I will pay for all the food. Booze is at your expense.Cafe Paradiso

2006 Sep 26
Check out my recently posted vendor: L'Argoat Cafe in Gatineau.

Please go and have one, or two, or three savoury crepes for me. I live in B.C. and miss living near Quebec terribly.