Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Vittoria Trattoria
Wood Oven Thin Crust Pizza at Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
Vittoria Trattoria
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2010 Jul 13
I visited Ottawa over the weekend with my girlfriend and had the misfortune to get taken in by the big fancy menu on the facade. In retrospect, there were signs that the exterior image of a fine Italian restaurant at attainable prices was just a sham.
The first sign was the bread which they put in front of us. It was like small stale hamburger buns cut in half. I guess they thought the plate of oil and vinegar would provide a sop for this poor excuse for pane.
See, I'm of Italian background. You can fake a lot of things, but not bread. I know when I smell and touch it, even before tasting it, whether it's good quality Italian bread.
We were greeted with smiles and friendliness, but handed fake bread. Bread is the basic thing you gotta get right. To serve bread like that in a restaurant that purports to be fine Italian dining, or even in any restaurant that purports to be Italian, is a sacrilege.
I don't normally go to Italian restaurants because all too often they are not even close to authentic. We happened to be tired and hungry at the time, and pasta looked like something few could get wrong.
I was wrong.
I ordered spaghetti and meatballs thinking that was a staple few could botch.
It was preceded by a house salad which I will grant we enjoyed. But I was not there for salad, I was there for a plate of pasta.
When they put the handful of spaghetti in front of me surrounded by a half-dozen meatballs devoid of sauce, I had a premonition which proved accurate. The meatballs were barely warm, bordered on cold in the middle and were the frozen variety. I'd bet anything they were nuked in the microwave. Hard, dry, and unappetizing.
As soon as I bit into the pasta, I knew it was not cooked by an Italian. It was cooked by a mangia-cake who grew up on Spaghetti-Os. Mushy and, furthermore, tasteless. I'm not sure what variety of pasta it was, maybe whole wheat, but nobody asked me if I wanted whole wheat. I don't happen to like whole wheat when it comes to pasta or pizza dough.
I thought maybe parmigiano would have compensated for a humdrum plate of pasta, but not in this case. The server had spooned clumpy parmesan on my pasta. It was not finely grated. Come on people! At these prices you can at least take the time to grate your cheese properly and make it presentable.
The sauce was the worst. Sweet, and canned or bottled, I presume.
My girlfriend was happier with her pescatore and she let me pick at her scallops and mussels as a consolation, but I walked away from the restaurante feeling hungry and taken. I had a gelato down the street a little later which helped calm my hunger, but then I woke up in the night at the hotel thinking of my disappointing dining experience and what an unfortunate choice it was.
It's a lesson learned. Don't be fooled by fancy menus.

2010 Jul 3
From our experience, this is the most consistent restaurant in Ottawa.

Pizza is world class with light fluffy crust and nicely prepared toppings (I love the grilled zucchini), and most of the pastas have been good as well.

MY wife always enjoys the mussels and spinach/artichoke dip.

2009 Dec 22
My friend and I were shopping in the Market on a Sunday afternoon and stopped in for a bite. What a cozy establishment.

We ordered a bottle of red wine, fromaggio pizza and the Mediterranean Salad which were all quite good.

The Salad did have a little too much dressing at first, however the server quickly corrected the situation and sent it to the kitchen. I am not sure if they made new ones or just added more salad, but in the end it was much better.

I think from now on, I will order my dressing on the side no matter what restaurant it is as some overdo it, and some place are a little scarce with it, which is actually my preference.

Total bill was ~$70

2009 Sep 7
Went to Vittoria Trattoria in the Market with my fiance for lunch... and will NEVER return.
The service was awful, we were seated at a table after requesting a booth, the hostess seemed to ignore our request.

Waited 10 minutes for someone to take our order and had to ask for water.

I had the chicken Caesar salad meal. The lettuce cane wilted, over dressed and the chicken was doused in garlic. I like garlic but this was terrible. I had 3 bites and left it. My fiance has the CACCIATORE pizza, looked good, came on flat bread crust,cheese, chicken and tomatoes- looked great--WRONG! It tasted horrible. The pizza sauce tasted like it was from a discount store canned crap! The chicken was cold and the tomatoes were mushy and made the pizza soggy. HOW DISAPPOINTING!! on top the server did not check on us once! we will never return.. a waste of $50 bucks!!

2009 Jul 30
Too bad about the Caprese. It actually looks good; tomato, cheese (is it real Buffalo?) and fresh basil. Nothing more.

If what Snoopyloopy said is true about the balsamic, using a 5 yr old balsamic would be better suited for the salad than a true 12 year or a doctored up 5 year. Strange.

2009 Jul 29
My beef with this place is that the waiter lied to my face about the age of the balsamic vinegar used on the caprese salad. Here is my conversation with him.

Me - "Hi, I'm trying to choose between the caprese salad and the X salad, and pretty much my choice has been narrowed down to how old the balsamic on the salad is. It says aged, how old is aged".

Him - "Aged is 12 years old"

Me - "Really? You use a 12 year old balsamic on this salad? I think it might be a bit too sweet."

Him - "Well, we actually reduce a 5 year old with sugar and vanilla to make it taste like a 12 year old".

Me - "You reduce a 5 year old? That's a total waste of good vinegar"

Him - "Well, actually I don't know how old it is, but I know we reduce it with sugar and vanilla. Most often people come in here and talk about food without knowing what they are saying. You clearly do. Sorry".

Me - "In that case I don't want the caprese."

Editor's note: I know the suppliers. I was hoping that the balsamic they get in big plastic jugs was used to sauces or something, not salads.

2009 Jul 29

2009 Jul 29
Aglio e Olio (Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, artichokes, feta, and some other tasty things I forget)

2009 Jul 29
Cannelloni di Funghi

2009 Jul 29
Beet and Goat cheese Salad

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2018 Jan 6
The Sophia pizza ($19) garlic oil, mozzarella, pancetta ham, mushrooms, red onion and asiago cheese was flavourful and nicely cooked. This time we were given chili oil, which really helped the drier bits of crust. Good experience overall!

2017 Nov 19
From the main dining area you can see a thick row of glowing embers in the pizza oven, making it difficult to consider ordering anything other than pizza. The prices of pies are mostly around $20, with the scantily topped Margherita Pizza ($16) being the low end outlier. These may be the most expensive restaurant pizze in Ottawa.

Mine was a solidly made pie with a well charred bottom. The sauce was somewhat more acidic than I like and the crust was a little too dry, especially at the rim. Some chili oil for dipping would have helped it greatly!

I'd have a hard time ranking the top ten Italian style pizza joints in town but I'm pretty sure this would be on that list.


2007 Nov 15
I went to Vittoria for brunch with my girlfriend last weekend. I had "Siena" Brunch: Bacon and Fontina cheese omelet served with seasoned potatoes and nine grain toast. My girlfriend had "Francesca" Brunch: Poached eggs, smoked salmon, mascarpone cheese and dill sauce served on grilled toast with seasoned potatoes. Everything was tasty and fresh. My seasoned potatoes were excellent. Good service. Impressive wine list. It's cosy!