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2012 Aug 19
They are the NICEST!! Plus the food never disappoints!

Service/food at Talay Thai is also awesome.


2012 Aug 12
Haha thanks man, I appreciate it. You win some and you lose some, I was bound to stumble upon Colonnade one of these days. I was just lucky to spot all these things on my first visit in order to avoid it thereafter. Good company helped ease my frustration and disgust also. I am also ecstatic that someone else with experience in "the foodie world" agrees with me.

Also, the Marroush on Rideau is no longer there. Its called 3 brothers shawarma. Theirs another one further down Dalhousie with the same name. The other Marroushes didnt change did they? - still as good?

Thanks again.

2012 Jun 14
In response to the review you left on the Chez Lucien page, I've noticed the same thing about ottawa burgers. The (highly surprising) place I found a really flavourful patty was actually the burger shack (forget it's name) at Britannia Beach. I think it's called the Baja Burger Shack? Anyhow, I found their patty to be the most flavourful in ottawa. Hope that helps your quest and let me know how it goes!

2012 May 28
Fair enough, I mean there's a couple bad reviews of Mauro here but most of them are positive. To increase the liklihood of a good experience, perhaps avoid the chicharron and try the tres leches cake (if you like sweet stuff) as it is fantastic.

Corazon de maiz is a good bet too. I think it works out a little cheaper than Mauro, but they only keep daytime hours which can be frustrating. Make sure to try some of their in-house salsas at the side...

Anyway, I'm curious to know what you think if you make it to either.

2012 May 28
Two things:
1) If you haven't been, you should really try Corazon De Maiz or Los Tacos De Mauro. I think they're both a good bit better than Ahora which I've found bland and uninspired in my most recent visits.
2) Negra modelo is available at some beer stores. See Scott St. or Carling locations.

2012 Apr 2
Thanks for the suggestion, will deffinitely check them out and let you know.

2011 Aug 29
You have me convinced, after reading several posts on Pip & Nino's I'm gonna' go check them out! Thanx ~ Gypsy

2011 Aug 22
I was sitting inside immediately to the left of the door. I was sitting on a banquet against the window overlooking the patio. We may have been sitting near each other! Hope you enjoyed your meal.

2011 Aug 16
Hey, do you remember that forum post discussing "our generation" and how they don't really care for real experience, only recognition and bragging rights? (Or something like that, and well, I don't know for sure if it was you who posted it.)

Well, I've got something to add:

2011 Aug 10
I like the shawarma sandwiches at Shawarma Prince. Also their vegetarian platter is great! Some people prefer Shawarma Palace, but I don't see it as such an easy decision (both have good and bad days for meat quality/dryness).