In St. Laurent Shopping Centre.
Established 1992.
The name is Arabic for "cedar."

Arz Lebanese Fine Cuisine
Foods from Arz Lebanese Fine Cuisine


2012 Aug 13
To echo gun-ra below, ARZ is a capable Shawarma joint. Nuff Said.

Good, moist chicken (fresh spit), nicely seasoned potatoes, killer garlic sauce, tart fatoush, and they offer this small size (which is still hard to finish) for 6.99 (!!!). It's too small for two people, but it's more then enough for one really hungry person.

Good shawarma, good price, nice guys who work there.

They had no problem piling on the sauces for me (no extra cost), garlic, tahini and hummus. Yum!

2009 Aug 4
Found myself starving at St-Laurent mall and did the "choose the least bad option" for mall food. Was I surprised! Arz is actually a supremely capable shawarma/falafel joint, the best I've had in Ottawa actually. In particular the beef shish kebob is exceptional with the meat tender and succulent, better than many steak restaurants in town. Even the little things like the rice and dressing on the salad all work together to make a really enjoyable meal. For $10 a real treat. Falafel is very good too as is the baklava.

One warning - the garlic sauce. VERY POWERFUL. but it tastes so damn good!

2009 May 16
Arz introduced me to shawarmas years ago and I've tried a few other places in and around Ottawa over the years and Arz has yet to meet it's match for the chicken sharwarma with the works and extra turnip pickles and their very tasty garlic sauce. They have even given up a recipe for homemade shawarmas that's tasty but not as good as in-house, and their homemade garlic sauce is wicked! Two thumbs up for Arz, the only good shopping centre food I've ever eaten.

2008 Jun 26
I haven't been here, but admit to being amused by their current bus ads, with big signs on the back ends of buses: "ARZ"