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See also: Murray Street Restaurant
Opened by Steve Mitton and Paddy Whelan of Murray Street Kitchen. Murray's Market sells charchuterie and groceries from local farmers and vendors. They have a decent sized seating area for the lunch crowd.

Murray's Market
Murray's Market
Murray's Market
Murray's Market
Murray's Market
Foods from Murray's Market

2011 Nov 1
How very unfortunate!

What a lovely place it was for a tasty on the go lunch, for picking up some fine Canadian cheese and delicious frozen homemade meals, in addition to the many beautiful local products and delicacies, without omitting to mention their famous charcuterie and meats. Murray's Market was a terrific market. It will be missed!

Wishing the owners best of luck with any future endeavour.

2011 Oct 31
Well hallelujah and pass the pork... I don't have to convert after all. ;) Thanks Captain Caper!

2011 Oct 31
Hey Food Gypsy ... an answer to your question lies IN your question. The Piggy Market !
Not quite the same lineup of goodies but great local stuff and yumm yumm pulled pork sammies.

Then again, if you are covering the mirrors, pork will probably be out of the question.

see: The Piggy Market

2011 Oct 31
I am in mourning. Cover the mirrors. Where will this little piggy to to market now?! :'(

2011 Oct 31
So sad! Now all I can think about is savory muffin tops, peanut butter cookies, ginger molasses cookies and egg salad sandwiches with big chunks of gherkin. Well, at least we still have the restaurant around the corner. I will miss them terribly though....

2011 Oct 31
But... but... but... i never got to try the meat cone....

my life is a lie. :(

2011 Oct 31
Wow that is so sad. The folks at Murray's Market did a wonderful thing promoting local food and making awesome mealss to boot. They will be sorely missed.

2011 Oct 31
Ron Eade tweeted this morning that Murray's Market has closed and posted a photo of the storefront, covered in paper.

Shame how voltatile the restaurant industry is.

2011 Oct 21
The Murray’s Market 100% All Canadian Meat Cone: a butcher’s paper cone filled with elk salami, bacon, Berkshire ham, wieners (made in-house) and bologna (also in-house) tossed into a pan and fried then layered with aged PEI cheddar, topped with a dollop of chunky Remoulade (the French answer to tartar sauce) and more cheese ($9.50).

It’s a heart stopper, in an “Oh-my-God-is-that-for-ME?! You-shouldn’t-have!” kind of way. Atkins Dieters take note: no pesky carbohydrates. Built to share. But if you’re alone with your cone, not to worry, that butcher’s paper folds over and you can safely stow it for later. (Then your bulldog can stick his big head in your purse when you get home and wag his entire body in a Meat Cone induced frenzy.)

I dig the pig.

Abridged from my

2011 Jun 29
:) This emoticon cannot describe the actual smile on my face which corresponds to my complete satisfaction.

I ordered a lamb leg sandwich which was topped with black bean tzatziki, tomatoes, cucumbers and some kind of herb. I initially thought the herb was dill, but the licorice taste leads me to think it is the top part of fennel. The goodies were placed in between a piece of ‘true loaf’ baguette.

For $9.50, this was worth every last penny. The lamb was very tender and tasty (with a very faint lamb taste) and the tzatziki was a perfect paired condiment. My only complaint was that there were 2 or three fatty and chewy pieces of lamb, but most of the lamb was perfect.

I didn’t have the balls for the meatcone today, so maybe I’ll try that another time.