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2011 Oct 27
LWB - the Nomad Chef looks a nice find!

Do you happen to know what hrs he keeps? Couldn't really tell from his site if he's open regular hrs.


2011 Jul 13
Cruising your blog (wordpress?)... LOVE the cake for giants post, so fun & colourful, nice clean images. (did someone get a new camera?) Nice to be among other raving foodies...

I use ... a lot. be forewarned

2011 Jul 13
Thanks for your support. Most kind. :D

2011 Mar 17
Saw an article about you in Kichissipi (sp) Times. Congrats :)

2010 Oct 18
Will do (re: bresaola) -- thanks for the tip.

2010 Sep 21
Hi! Thanks for your comment! Smoke's is just starting up and I think are finding their flow. It's a franchise I look forward to their being consistent as more people put up their reviews or comments!

2010 Aug 27
You are right - I have said that alot to you this week :) - that the wiki categories is a better environment to post recipes, but I wonder how often people go there? Do the recipes just end their days ignored and unloved?

2010 Aug 26

There is a recipe category in the forums as well as the Wiki recipes. What is the criteria to use one and not the other?

2010 Jul 24
Thank you

My libertarian instincts makes me uncomfortable with people that feel that they know what is best for other people.

Do you know John at la bottega in the market? When I was in my twenties Nicastros had a store on gladstone and he worked the deli counter. He was a teenager at the time. Its amazing he has not aged much! I am so jealous :)


2010 Jul 23
heeheehee - thanks.