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2012 May 28
Thanks for the info re: Fontenelle. I'm guessing it's spelled incorrectly (Fontanelle) in the phone directory, which is why Google prefers the incorrect version. Now fixed! :-)


2010 Jul 28
Good blog! :) I'll keep up with it fo sho.

2010 Jun 17
Thanks Food is Fun! I've yet to try Domus (I know, for shame!) so this is a more accessible (location and price-wise) place for me to try out without needing a special occasion to go! Have you seen any websites for Taylor's yet? Google isn't coming up with anything... I'm dying to see their menu!

2010 May 12
The cranberry chutney you had with your smoked trout is simple. Cranberries, sugar, white vinegar, yellow mustard seed, cinnamon stick, vanilla and cook. Add more fresh cranberries and diced apples at the end of cooking. might get the "kick" from the vinegar and mustard seeds.

2010 May 11
Nice blog!