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2011 Jul 14
The "Read more..." snippet for longer posts is a great idea! I'll add it to my list. :-)

2010 Sep 29
AWESOME!!!!!!! (Cobra)
Thanks for the pics. Chris told me it was great, but I'm glad I got to see the photos.

2010 Sep 29

2009 Jun 9
LOL - glad you like the pic!

2008 Jul 29
Hi Momomoto,

where in london is Hasbeans? You talk about their beans in one of your comments, and I'm heading home to visit family this weekend and thought I would check them out.

Also, I love your photos. D80 is a great camera. Do you have an adapter flash, or just the standard one?

2008 Jul 16
Gorgeous Murray Street photos!!! Not bad for a Nikon... ;-)

2008 Jul 14
Hi Momomoto,

Dropped by to check out your page... and noticed that WINE isn`t on your Favourite Foods list... LOL, I`m thinking this was an oversight.

But, then again your page has inspired me to think about adding some other things to my list besides JUST wine. Your listing here for Lobster has me drooling and counting the days til I go on Vacation (see my Vacation Foods topic in the Forum).


Food & Think

2008 Jun 23
Nikon D80, no wonder! I got a Canon SLR during the Future Shop boxing day. Now my son takes it all the times and I ended up having my old camera.

2008 Jun 21
Momomoto, nice photos! What camera you used?

2007 Dec 2

Can you please share with me, where the Factory Clearences for Paderno pots were ?


Captain Caper