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2010 Oct 28
Bun bo hue is a Hué style noodle soup like pho, except it's really spicy, has slices of weird processed meat in it and clotted pork blood (like blood sausage - it kinda melts/dissolves and thickens the soup). It's a great soup if you're sick with a sinus congestion or a chest cold. Bo Kho, or Thit Bo Kho is essentially a viet version of beef bourguignon, served on rice noodles like a soupy stew. It's killer, but they use pretty fatty stewing beef so if you're picky about the leanness of the meat in your food this is NOT for you. Both iterations of these dishes at Huong's are very good.

2010 Sep 30
The recipies from the Louisiana Kitchen predate his packaged seasonings, so you get a list of the actual spices he uses.

Good luck in your gumbos


2010 Sep 30
Thanks for the offer Paul.....but I have them all online :)

2010 Sep 29

I have a copy of Paul Prudhomme's Louisana Kitchen which has several gumbo's. I believe you mentioned once you are in Sandy Hill. I live on Chapel near Laurier, so if you like I can make a copy of the recipes and you can pick them up.


2010 Aug 25
Thanks for the recommendation! I put Alirang on my to-try list.

2010 Aug 11
Did you just say there was beer in your ice cream? I didn't know this was available anywhere but heaven?