Old-school Diners? [General]

2012 Jul 1
Hey everyone. We're starting a new series at Happymouth.ca called, "The Diner Chronicles". What's your favorite REAL diner in town? We're looking for the traditional, old-school place. No tofu-scrambles or yogurt smoothies, please! Where are the city's hidden gems?

2012 Jul 14
A while ago we asked for advice on where the genuine Ottawa diners are. We realized that left a lot of room for interpretation. One of the ways we’ve narrowed down the criteria is that we’ve chosen breakfast as a good indicator of a diner’s offerings. The menu can be easily compared from place to place and the quality of the ingredients and techniques can be easily judged. So now, we’re chronicling our search for great Ottawa-area diner breakfasts.


2013 Nov 9
Not a "diner" but for lunch take-out and delivery Super Duper pizza has a great hot chicken sandwich- they use tons of white meat that is real chicken.
The sandwich takes up about 1/2 of one of those round aluminum containers.
The fries are ok thick cut and prob from frozen, they are decent.

Club sandwich also has a lot of white meat and crispy bacon.

They make their own fried chicken and their coleslaw is tasty and has a vinegar dressing, not the mayo kind (I like it better).

There is also a superduper "wrap" where the bread is made from a thin pizza dough and they have 4 or 5 versions.
Do not buy the "large".
I bought a small one months ago and thought they sent me the large. turns out it is a huge sandwich.
I'd say it was at least 12" and was very heavy, enough for 2 people.

I am quite familiar with the menu as it is the place I order hot chicken and fried chicken the most.
Swiss chalet has had just awful sandwiches, so I gave up on that. (esp after how little meat swiss chalet uses).

For maybe diner type food I always walk by JM Walkley restaurant.
I have not eaten there yet,but it looks quite old school and from what I read online breakfast is decent.
I walk by there all the time, just haven't gotten around to trying it (dairy queen is in the same plaza...lol).

JM Walkley restaurant
1432 Walkley rd (interesction is albion rd).