84 Mill Street in Almonte

Sunday, Tuesday to Saturday - 8am-9pm
Monday - 8am-8pm

Club Sandwich at Superior Restaurant
Hot Hamburger Sandwich at Superior Restaurant
Superior Restaurant
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2012 Jul 8
the Superior is a quaint diner located in the heart of Almonte, just west of Ottawa. the place is a real throwback to the small town restos/diners of days gone by - little vinyl clad booths, swivel stool lunch counter, and paper placemats with advertising for the local neighbourhood mechanic, realtor, etc.

food is straight up comfort food classic type fare accompanied by no-nonsense, ahem, "experienced" waitress service to match.

in typical diner fashion, the menu is pretty substantial with lots of choice. frankly, you can't go wrong with anything that has gravy on it here. they usually ask by default if you'd like gravy on the fries. the stuff is just pure goodness. on that basis, i'm a huge fan of their hot hamburger sandwich!

other dining companions of mine have enjoyed the 'Superior' club sandwich (fresh carved turkey) and surprisingly enough, the fried chicken (comes with a few packets of honey). pizza also seems to be popular here and it appears they do a solid takeout biz, too.

prices are more than reasonable (ie. ~$9.99 for a dinner plate) so it's definitely worth the trip out here to have a solid meal and then enjoy what Almonte has to offer.


2012 Jul 8
pictured is the 'Superior' club which comes with carved turkey breast (as opposed to deli slices)


2012 Jul 8
most important aspect to note is that the spiced patty is hand formed and not a pre-fab frozen food supplier hamburger like you might see elsewhere. it's also cooked on a flat topped which gives it a nice char/crust. it comes cooked closer to the medium-well to well-done spectrum most times. i haven't dared to ask them to cook it to a medium because this doesn't strike me as the type of place that would put up with such a request ("you'll eat it and you'll like it!"). in any event, the whole damn thing is smothered in delicious gravy so there's certainly no shortage of moisture here.

fries are of the frozen variety but i've had far, far worse before - the Superior's frites are crisp, fluffy, and show no trace of greasiness.

the overly boiled veg are clearly the low point, but they are almost a requirement for this type of meal. it kind of ties everything together. it's pure bliss you get one of those magical bites full of soft carrot, gravy soaked bread, hamburger, and a french fry all on one fork.

a solid representation of classic Canadiana. recommended.