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Club Sandwich at Fabulous Fries
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Club Sandwich at Zellers
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2007 Jul 7
Wow, it's been a couple of years since I've been here (now live in Toronto) but I loved, LOVED the club sandwich at John's. Real, cooked turkey, fresh tomatoes, mayo mmmmmmmmm. Fries were decent too.


2008 Jun 10
This was the club sandwich I ordered. Good portion! Both the french fries (good golden color) and the sandwich were cold when arrived on the table. I didn't enjoy it at all.


2010 Jul 25
Back in my home community in Nova Scotia the Zellers diner was known far-and-wide for really good 'greasy spoon' food. That is going back to the late 70s / early 80s that I can recall. Good to know that corporate head office is still doing a good job :-)

In my early teens we used to always go here for absolutely fabulous french fries - and, yes - club sandwiches.

2010 Jul 24
I've always walked past the built-in restaurant at every Zellers because I just knew it wouldn't be very good. But I always wondered and thought I'd like to try it out one day. Today, they had a lunch special: $6 for a Club Sandwich Platter. So I walked in.

It's really just a standard diner, much like you might find in some nondescript small town. The menu comes from headquarters, which means you won't get the charm of a small-town diner (e.g. Frank makes a killer pea soup, so look for it on Fridays). The servers seem to be elderly and/or physically challenged in some way -- the slower pace and low seat occupancy allows them a position here. In this sense, Zellers provides a service because I fear for the futures of career servers, who become unwanted once they can no longer run around for 8 hours, serving a large number of tables.

Anyway, to the food! The club was very standard but there was nothing at all wrong with it. Nice crispy bacon, tender chicken, lettuce, tomato, and a correct quantity of mayo. I opted to have mine on brown bread, as I usually do. The fries were the standard frozen kind, but they were served very hot and crispy. I opted for the gravy up-sell for an extra $0.99. All in, it cost me a cool $10 (including tip -- ice water to drink), which is about the lowest you can possibly do for a sit-down lunch with service. Ignoring the tip, this is about the same as a standard fast food "value" meal.



2012 Jul 8
pictured is the 'Superior' club which comes with carved turkey breast (as opposed to deli slices)

Mar 26
Can't wait for Fab Fries to open. Club close up.

2019 May 27
There must have been half a pack of bacon on the Club. And the topped poutines are amazing, I especially love the stuffing poutine and the bacon poutine. All portions here are very generous!