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2010 Jul 7
Hi Ashley,

Do you have any recommendations for fish sauce? I was at T&T and prices varied from $1.99 a bottle to $7 a bottle. The $1.99 bottle said it won prizes in Thiland (Golden Boy Brand), so I bought it. But I really don't know what's good or not.

2010 Apr 16
Your reviews are great!

2009 Dec 22
sorry to not get back to you in time. This is the first time I have been on Foodies in a while. Work is taking over my life these days! I went for Lunch this time, and the menu changes... I do have to recommend any fish dishes. Their sea bass was fantastic. Not sure if that is still on the menu though...

2009 May 15
Wow, your photos from Brother Wu left me drooling; it's a pity I live out in the West end!!

2008 Jun 22
Thanks, Ashley!

I used a Nikon D80, with a 50mm f/1.8 lens and an SB-400 flash. I bounced the flash off of the ceiling rather than having it fire straight at the plates: it makes the light far less harsh.

2008 May 7
Ashley do you know of any restaurants in Ottawa that serve Hakka food? I went to one in Toronto/Scarborough last year that was really good.

I thought if anyone knew of a hakka place in Ottawa it would be you.

Let me know. Thanks!

2008 May 4
Hi Ashley. Private messages don't show up on your profile page anymore so I can't see why all your photos would prevent you from seeing messages. I do plan to limit how many photos show up on your profile (I think I have even more than you so I have an interest in this!). ;-)

At the top of your profile page there is a link that says, "Show my conversations." If you click this it should take you to your messages. In case that doesn't work the link is

2008 Apr 27
Hi Ashley,

No, actuallly a lot of stuff came up and it slipped from my mind. But I'm putting it on the menu for next weekend as we speak and I'll buy the ingredients this week. Thanks for the reminder!

2008 Apr 12
Thank you Ashley for the quick and helpful response!

I will try my hand at potstickers next weekend and I'll let you know how they turned out. :) Approximately what proportions of bok choi and ground pork do you use? As for folding, do you use a press like mentioned in the thread for which you sent me the link? Or do you do it by hand?

Thanks! :o)


2008 Mar 9
I followed your advice for a Forum topic to handle food/restaurant discussions outside Ottawa. There is now a "Travel" topic: