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2011 Aug 16 UNREAD
Forget Alexandria and Big Luke's. Go to Knox Fine Dining in the hamlet of Moose Creek and enjoy.

2011 Jul 5 UNREAD
Hi F&T. Just wanted to leave you a travel recommendation: The Host in Toronto (14 Prince Arthur). Amazing Indian food (so good we went back two days in a row!). Visited July 2011. Cheers!

2010 Jul 28 UNREAD
Food & Think, can you add an entry into the travel wiki for me? I had a fabulous dinner at Petite in Calgary, AB.


2009 Jun 23
Re: digitalman and his review on the old fish market: the least he could do is spell Ottawa (Ottowa) right, no?!

2009 Mar 3
Hi Food&Think - I missed your comments about adding my Toronto restaurant review to the OF Travel Wiki. Sure, please help add the entries for me. Much appreciated.

2008 Oct 29
Hi Food & Think - thanks for the welcome to the Ottawa Foodies forum. I didn't realize that there was a thread on my chocolate business (yes, Zym was referring to me!) - how cool! I'm running the business out of my home right by the Parkdale Market until I find a location that works. :)


2008 Sep 28
I see you added our us to your places "To Try". Just want to say that I can't wait for you to come out, and after reading your profile, I'm sure this will be the type of place you enjoy eating at. You probably hear that all the time

2008 Sep 18
F&T I like your recent reviews on Perth restaurants! I grew up there and my parents still have a place on Otty Lake.

Some other local hotspots you should check out - Fiddleheads, Hungry Planet, and Skye Dragon.

2008 Jul 14
Hey F&T,

The previous oversight has been rectified. Wine is now on the list ;)

2008 Jun 17
Hi Food&Think,

Yes my avatar is in fact the Swedish Chef and in this shot he is making spaghetti - my favourite chef making my favourite dish! Thanks for noticing...

Pasta Lover