Foods from Moji

2011 Aug 19
Lunch today was great! The pasta and sauce was fresh and delightful. The beef was prepared just right and everything else was market fresh.
We intend to follow-up with Dinner in the fall.

2011 May 26
My wife and I recently had dinner at Moji - my wife had the seafood linguini and I had the gorgonzalo fettucini. The atmosphere was sedate and lovely, and the service was attentive and well-balanced. The food itself was somewhat average - my fettucini tasted good, though it also tasted as if it had been re-heated.

However, our fairly high opinions of Moji took a nosedive once we got home. I was lucky to escape with mild stomach pains, but my wife soon became violently ill as a result of the seafood linguini.

Moji has a great atmosphere and great service, but I would like to make the constructive criticism that Moji review its food preparation standards, particularly with regard to seafood dishes.

2011 Apr 27
Lunch today at Moji was quite good! The room is very small but tasteful and modern with lots of white linen. Our server brought a basket of warm focaccia with a nicely sweet dipping oil to start. We shared a roasted tomato soup which was rustic and very flavorful, and served in little enamelled cast iron crocks with lids. They happily split one soup into two separate serving dishes for us, which was appreciated. We ordered two pasta dishes, one with mushrooms, fresh spinach and italian sausage in a gorgonzola cream sauce that managed to be delicate. The Pasta was perfectly cooked and the sausage was delicious: server said it came from Aubrey's, as did most of their meat. Also had a pasta dish with tomato sauce and fresh seafood. Both dishes were nicely done, attractively presented and used high quality ingredients. I would say that the portion sizes were on the small side, but the menu does say that they are 3 oz portions, and they are only in the $10 price range. We split a blood orange and marsala bread pudding for dessert that appeared to have been made from croissants and was served with fresh mango on the side. The texture of the bread pudding was moist and custardy, though the sauce was a tad more liquid than I prefer. For everything, including two coffees, one iced tea, tax and tip, the bill was about $50. I would have only two small criticisms: With coffee, we were served little packets of sugar and plastic creamer cups. In my opinion this detracted from the "white linen" atmosphere. Would have liked to see the cream in a small pitcher and sugar packets in a container of some sort. So maybe I'm nitpicking. Second issue is that unfortunately because the room is so small you do have to endure listening to creepy conversations like the one we were privy to this afternoon, even though the offenders were seated on the opposite end of the room.

Moji is a nice place for an elegant lunch made from quality ingredients with friendly service in a pleasantly subdued setting.

2010 Nov 28
We made an account on this site just to rave about this restaurant! We just hosted a private party there last night, and couldn't have asked for better food, better service, better atmosphere and overall, a better night.
The two of us ordered the penne pesto, and the moji fettucine with mushrooms and the food was better than all the Italian restaurants we usually frequent here in Ottawa. All our guests loved the food they ordered as well.
Our servers were lovely and hospitable, and the manager and owner were wonderful with us as well.
The restaurant is beautiful, and the second we walked in, we were floored by how gorgeous the place is, especially in candlelight.
We would definitely recommend Moji Bistro to others, and I'm sure our 25 guests will too. We'll definitely be going back for more!

2009 Jun 14
Vendor's signs were taken down and it looked rather dark and closed when I walked by today at noon. I suspect they've closed, but whether it's permanent or not, only time will tell!

2008 Dec 11
Great tasting food, great service, I just got back from vacation a couple of months ago and missed my girlfriends birthday. So I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant. I always noticed nice cars outside the place and heard a couple times that they had a great atmosphere and amazing food. I then called and booked a table for four of us. We got there a little earlier then our accompany guest, so we decided to have a drink at the bar, and the bar keep was really nice and was making some crazy concoction of a drink for my girlfriend. The Place looked great, it was perfect for what we were looking for a nice cozy place, that we can spend the night and relax and enjoy one another company. The servers were great both helping us with what we needed. The food was amazing my girlfriend ordered the steak and i ordered myself the chicken. First of my girlfriend was extremely impressed, she thought that food was amazing. The steak was cooked perfectly and was extremely soft and tender. My chicken was quite delightful and delicious. I would suggest this restaurant to anyone and everyone. I am so happy with the place that I convinced my boss to book our Christmas party there.

2007 Sep 22
My meal: Forest mushroom and prosciutto linguine in a white wine cream sauce.

[Pic is dark...I just got a new camera and still trying to fiddle with it / I haven't gotten over my fear of *flash in a dark restaurant* fear. Please forgive.] ;)

I've had a very similar tasting pasta dish over at Mamma Grazzi's. It's one of my favourites so I wasn't disappointed. The sauce was velvety and creamy (duh) and had me wanting to lick the plate clean.

Overall, I'd recommend Moji for a nice treat.
According to a post on restaurantthing, the assistant manager from the Ritz on Clarence is the proprietor of Moji. I didn't get a chance to personally meet him or anything but our exchanges were super friendly and you could tell he was genuinely caring that the food tasted good to you and you were having a good meal.


2007 Sep 22
My friend's meal: Pesto chicken served on Penne topped with chevre. he said it was awesome.

2007 Sep 22
Got to try the place last night.
It's a blink and you miss it little (and I do mean little) Italian bistro on Clarence St. in the Market nestled in between Patty Bolands and Touché I think.

The restaurant was candle lit and dark but beautiful, crisp white linens, dark floors and luxurious chairs (what? they felt good to sit on) *lol* As upscale as it seemed/was the atmosphere was still pretty casual with their open window/patio set up that made people watching in the Market easy.

The service was excellent, super attentive and friendly, brought and cleared things at a leisurely pace.

Alright enough of that, bring on the food porn
First up the Moji Caesar salad. The dressing wasn't too heavy, focaccia croutons, hard boiled eggs (curious but it worked I guess) and a prosciutto crisp.

The dipping oil behind the plate was for the bread which was served piping hot. The balsamic in the dipping bread was one of the sweetest I had tasted and was delicious.