Fresh Pasta at Arturo's Market
Where to get Fresh Pasta


2007 Sep 1
Fresh (bought frozen) ravioli from Arturo's. Wow, this was really, really good! Stuffed with cheese and had a nice peppery bite to it. I cooked it right from frozen for about 5 min. but could've used maybe one min. more. Just checked the bag and it said 10-15 min. but I would think that would've been too long. 1 kg bag for $9.99. Can't wait to have the rest!

2007 Jul 3
Picked up some fresh spaghetti here last week. It was more in the shape of linguine but no matter. Choice of either whole wheat or white....we got the whole wheat and it was really, really yummy. I got enough for 4 people and it came to only $4.36!! I couldn't believe how cheap it was....but then again, I've never bought any fresh pasta before. We are definitely buying pasta from here again the next time we want to eat pasta!


2009 Apr 20
Picked up fresh spinach linguine, container of 4 cheeses Alfredo sauce and a portion of the eggplant parmesan. Delicious!

2007 Oct 24
Had the Olive and Roast Red Pepper Mezzaluna recently along with my own rose/mushroom sauce. I usually use quality dried pastas like DiChecka (sic), but I think I may be hooked on Parma Ravioli's fresh stuff.

2007 Sep 1
In the heart of Hintonburg this shop has been selling excellent home-style fresh pasta long enough that not many people can remember when they weren't there. Fresh deep-dish pastas like cannelloni, lasagne, ravioli and everything in between. Check the freezers for the frozen stuff that is sold at 2-to-1 - so extremely good bargain.