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2009 Feb 26
geez you're really giving those 'riff raff' at restaurantthing a hard time eh?

i hardly read the site anymore but happened to stumble on your comments re: atelier and PLAY hahaha

2009 Feb 25
Re: Donair at Centretown Pizza.

Yum! Thank you for convincing me to find Donair for dinner rather than Pho. Haven't had good Donair since I lived in Germany....

2008 Feb 21
Well, better quality is always "better" of course, however duck confit is basically a traditional way to deal with a tough, crappy cut of meat; much like a stew meat or something. With "poor" cuts of meat, quality is not as imperitive as other cuts IMO as the meat will be braised for long periods of time and broken down. The point is really to take a crappy cut of meat and make it into something edible, so quality is not as imporant as say, something that is going to be eaten "as is" such as a breast or tenderloin.

2007 Dec 7
Yes, Beau's is a very good example of the style. For me it was a dead ringer for Gaffel Koelsch, which was a very unique one to me.

2007 Dec 3
There are three places that I can think of off the top of my head that get involved in the Paderno factory sales:

Glebe Emporium (
Hendrix (
MCL Hospitality (

CA Paradis may get involved, too. Happy hunting!

- John.

2007 Oct 27
re: comment on DongLing

I scoured Google and found a little blog with a couple pictures of 'Lu Beef' and 'Lu Pork'

I still can't figure out what 'Lu' exactly means because they use the term referring to both beef/pork and 'lu egg' as well?