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Russian Deli right next door to Perogis Takeout Perogies Takeout.

Nameko at Lacomca Deli
Lacomca Deli
Caviar at Lacomca Deli
Foods from Lacomca Deli

2011 Mar 7
They have an amazing selection of dried, jared and sometimes frozen mushrooms as well.

I'm impressed with their deli selection, and my wife says the "honey cake" from their dessert selection is amazing.

2008 May 5
Lacomca, a Russian deli, actually has the best Hungarian sausage (kolbasz / csabai) in Ottawa! It's as good as I remember it from my childhood in Montreal.

They also carry other great Hungarian products (authentic paprikas, pastas, etc.) So, if you are cooking authentic Hungarian dishes (you really should, you know) visit Lacomca.

The owner is a super nice guy and speaks excellent Hungarian in addition to English and Russian.

2008 Mar 13
Interestingly enough, the name on that chocolate bar is what my mom used to call me as a kid. The only thing she picked up from her Polish mom and Ukrainian dad (aside from a few curse words) was how to make the diminutive of a person's name. And that is the diminutive of my first name. Well, almost. Without the umlaut over the 'e' it would be. That does change the pronunciation a bit.

2008 Mar 13
This is my latest find in Ottawa Foodieland. Stumbled across it when picking up some perogies at the Perogi Takeout Perogies Takeout which is right next door , in the same strip mall. It's near The Citizen's main building.

I'm enjoying some wickedly good black currant jam, salmon caviar, and interesting chocolates.

The picture is a scan from one of the chocolate bars I bought.

She's my little Babooshka doll !!


2008 Mar 13
Yes, this deli has the traditional Russian Caviars, but the one I like best is the salmon caviar from BC. They sell it in bulk for about 6 bucks per 100 grams. Yummm Yummm Yumm (yes, Captain Caper 3 Yummm Rating !!).

I slipped some in my Rye Bread with Polish Edam Grilled Cheeese Sandwich... wow.... what a pleasent surprise.... I think it might have been all those Beau's LugTreads I had, that made me add fish roe to a grilled cheeese sammie.

2009 Jul 3
The other place I buy carrot salad is the Russian deli near Peirogi Take-Out by Ikea. Also good, but not as good as Shiraz.

edited to add: this salad also has vinegar, but is garlicky too. it is a great addition to a picnic.

2011 Mar 7
stock photo of mushrooms which is pretty much spot on how they look frozen

2011 Mar 7
Lacomca is selling nice big bags of *frozen* Nameko mushrooms for about $8

Nameko is stated on the bag. Though also states on the bag is "sponge mushroom" which I usually associate with Morels, which these are not.

They are imported through

First impressions are really good, it's nice to have these on hand in the freezer and not dried.