Where to get Kefir

2013 Jan 28
Believe it or not, someone in the lobby of my building (Nepean) put up an ad selling live active kefir grains. The ad says there's enough to make 1L daily, and they're asking $60.

Feel free to try giving a call at 613-225-4510.

I have no idea who this person is, I just thought it was pretty random that a posting went up here, and now someone where I live has some to sell :S

2013 Jan 15
Kefir grains don;t generally seem to be available commercially... but a lot of people online will send you some of theirs for cost of postage, etc...

Check this:

2013 Jan 12

I am looking for kefir grains. I have tried the suggestions on this forum (Lacomca Deli, Rainbow Foods and others on Kijiji. So far no one has any kefir grains.

Does anyone really have any kefir grains? Not the starter grains, but the regular grains.

If so please let me know.


2013 Jan 12
Costco has both a 2.5 litre tub of semi-solid kefir (has the consistency of yogurt)and a 2 litre jug of kefir (has the consistency of butter milk). I have been using both for since December of last year. Very tasty and reasonably priced.