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Spicy, lemongrassy, soupy, pho'y, it's good for clearing your sinuses!

Bn B Huế at Merivale Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Phở  M B G
Bn B Huế at The Pho Shack
Bn B Huế at Kanata Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bn B Huế at C Chm
Bn B Huế at Pho Bac
Bn B Huế at Ăn - Phở Wrap N Roll
Bn B Huế at Koi Asia
Bn B Huế at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bn B Huế at Kanata Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Kanata Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Kanata Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Kanata Noodle House
Bn B Huế at Mr Pho
Bn B Huế at New Phở B G LA
Bn B Huế at Mr Pho
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2015 Oct 9
A truly rich and delicious implementation of one of Vietnam's best soup meals. Still incredible!

2014 Jun 12
When I saw Bn B Huế on the Specials board I absolutely had to try it. As usual, Huong's did not disappoint. This is a spicy and lemongrassy soup with more robust and pungent flavours than the Bn B Huế I've had elsewhere in Ottawa. Delicious to the last spoonful.

If you love Bn B Huế, you owe it to yourself to try this one.


2016 Apr 16
The S11. Bn b huế Đặc Biệt here continues to be amazing! I'm good with a Medium now as I find the Large is too big for me. I don't know where else you can get this much flavour and satisfaction for just over ten bucks.

2014 Feb 23
The S11. Bn b huế Đặc Biệt (Large) was spectacular. I asked for the flat phở noodles instead of the round ones. So much depth of flavour!

2013 Oct 29
I need to switch up my angles a bit don't I? Anyway, the S10. Phở B Huế still rocks. This was a Large. Perfect winter food, especially if you don't mind a bit of crunchy cartilage in your meat.

2013 Sep 10
Realized I never posted this when I had it back in June! The S10. Phở B Huế is one of the tastiest soups around! Loaded with tasty stewed beef and Vietnamese sausage meat. The only difference between S10 Phở B Huế and S9 Bn B Huế is that the rice noodles are flat (bnh phở) instead of round. Highly recommended.

2012 May 23
The S14. Beef shank and Vietnamese ham in Hue traditional spicy with rice noodle (dry) was tasty and fun to try but I don't think I'll have it again. I guess as a broth person I don't like the meager soup that comes with the dry option.


2008 Jan 6
Bun bo hue from here is very spicy, there's a layer of chili oil in it, and the owner won't let you do a takeout order since it basically melts the styrofoam packaging they use. I wised up and brought a tupperware container and he let me do it then! This version is missing the sometimes present chunk of coagulated pork blood. Still tasty, nonetheless!

2018 Sep 1
Bn b Huế is always big on flavour and this was no exception. However, the soup was less aromatic and more muted than I've had elsewhere. In fact, it tasted just like when I add Bn b Huế paste from a jar to broth at home. The ham slices were nice but the brisket was really chewy.

So it's good but not as great as this dish can be.

2018 Aug 28
The complexity of flavour in Bn B Huế is perhaps unparalleled in Western cuisine (maybe?). This version does not have as many proteins as others around town but it's still top notch. I've had nothing but great experiences with this restaurant and highly recommend their Vietnamese offerings.

2016 Apr 20
Yes, I enjoyed the BBH here immensely, nice amount of meat, savory broth and depth of flavour that was very satisfying. However, the sodium levels were out there, really high, bordering unpalatable near the end of the meal. Despite that, I highly recommend checking them out and giving the house specialty a shot. The space is nice and clean. Service was a bit rushed, but the place was busy and orders kept flowing in. They have a steady lunch crowd!

2016 Apr 16
Visited this brand new addition to Hintonburg with my wife on Friday evening. It wasn't very busy but I have a feeling this is a temporary situation!

Knowing that Bn B Huế is one of my favourite things ever, Chimichimi was kind enough to recommend this place after he enjoyed his bowl. This is certainly one of the tastiest BBH bowls in town. I asked for mine with the flat rice noodle, as I much prefer the texture (and find it easier to eat) than the traditional round noodle. There are three sizes; this was the Medium ($12) and it was plenty for me!

The broth is similar to the style at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro but with a richer flavour. Both of those are thinner broths than the super rich wonder-stew at Kanata Noodle House. The variety and quantity of meat here is excellent. The only complaint I had was that the broth seemed quite salty in an MSG sort of way. Don't get me wrong... a little MSG is a good thing (and pretty much mandatory in a competitive Vietnamese broth), but if you like to drink all your broth you may find this one a little overwhelming.

All in all, highly recommended for Bun Bo Hue! My wife enjoyed her vermicelli bowl very much. Our starter spring rolls (cha gio) were affordably priced but not great and our summer rolls (goi cuon) were dominated by thick wads of vermicelli. Small quibbles for a brand new restaurant. Go check it out!

2015 Jul 27
This was a tasty soup and a very satisfying meal for $8.95. But the broth wasn't nearly as rich, earthy, and lemongrassy as I like it to be. It tasted like mild phở with a spoonful of Huế paste from a jar stirred in -- or pretty much the same shortcut I might take at home. Don't get me wrong, this is a great bowl of soup... it just isn't what I've come to expect from Huế.

2015 Jul 9
I asked for phở b Huế because I don't love the thick vermicelli used in bn b Huế and they happily accommodated my wish.

The soup ($7.25 for Small) arrived piping hot, with some rare beef poking out of the broth, and accompanied by a massive plate of bean sprouts, basil, mint, and lime.

The soup wasn't bad, but it didn't have anywhere near the depth of flavour I've had elsewhere. In fact, it was thinner and clearer and more sour... very much like a Thai tom yum soup. This could be a regional variation, or maybe they prepared a different broth because of my request for bnh phở. Who knows! In any case, if you want a lighter, simpler version of Huế soup then check this out.

One of the awesome things about this grungy little place is that they seem to always supply a condiment dish full of chopped bird's eye chili peppers. Right on!

2014 Dec 18
The Phở B Huế here is tasty enough that you wouldn't guess you were in the backwater suburb of Bells Corners. ;-) Actually, with East India Company moving into the neighbourhood, Bells Corners is on track for becoming a culinary destination. Good news!

2015 May 15
This was loaded with meats and flavourful, although less spicy and rich than I've had elsewhere. The Large ($11) wasn't as large as Large largely is at other restaurants, but that's normal for the Pho Thi-inspired upscale Vietnamese places. Still good value!

2009 Jul 12
I came to try the Bun Bo Hue, and it's pretty good! Nice tasty spicy broth. I'm not crazy about the soft, thick, round noodles but that's my problem not theirs. :-)

The spice level is about the same as a "fake" satay-style Pho on Somerset, so it has some bite but won't make you gasp for air. The sliced beef and pork have soft cartilage and fat components that are easy to eat but might turn off less adventurous diners.

Next time I'll see if they're willing to substitute in regular pho rice noodles. Then it would be awesome!

2008 May 3
Excellent broth and spicy soup options here. My coworkers and I drive in from Kanata all the way to Bells Corners for the food.



2008 May 12
"new" Pho Bo Ga la

A very worthy bowl o' bun bo hue..