Bn B Huế at Mr Pho
Bn B Huế at Mr Pho
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2013 May 29
Vietnamese food is probably my favorite of any international cuisine and Mr Pho has great prices.

They have had a periodic special on spring rolls: 8 for $5 which is fantastic. I have seen them making the rolls by hand in the restaurant. If you eat too many however you might get a stomach ache, as the rolls are pretty oily once fried. They aren't my favorite spring rolls in Ottawa, however I can't beat the price.

With the great price on dishes you get what you pay for. I find the quality and flavor is very average and if I have a choice I will go to a different Vietnamese restaurant. For me this is a place of convenience and thrift.

2009 Aug 25
Love love love Mr. Pho!! I have never been dissapointed and have been there dozens of times. Service is fast, friendly, and they remember your little quirks too, like extra sauce. The soup is delicious, the spring rolls are small but tasty too. The vegetable for the soup is always fresh and good as well. The washrooms are tidy, which is awesome for a soup place, if you have been to Chinatown you know what I mean. It is weird that the sign outside says "pho soup and bubble tea" when they do not serve bubble tea at all. I think the tea would be a good idea, especially in the summertime. They also have a nice 7 dollar lunch menu, which tastes homemade and delicious. Best pho soup in Ottawa in my opinion!

2009 Jul 12
My kids liked the spring rolls because they had little flavour but were nice and crunchy. You can take that for what it's worth. :-)

2009 Mar 7
one of the most underated pho joints in ottawa.
the chicken in the soup here is immaculate and nicely peppered. i think this nice touch is what separates them from the other run of the mill soup places.

i love this place.
the hilarious decor adds comedy to each visit.

2008 Oct 11
This is my favorite place for pho in Ottawa so far... I have tried a few and this one is the best yet. The broth is amazing both for the regular pho and the spicier soups. And the meats are always good and nice quantities.
I also love the cold rolls - they are very fresh tasting and the dipping sauce is nice and light.
I must go here at least once a week, and recommend it for anyone who likes vietnamese soups.


2009 Jul 12
I tried these on a previous visit a few years ago and can't remember much other than that they were unusual. The menu mentions apple and pineapple as ingredients, so if you order them expect to try something new!

2009 Jul 12
I came to try the Bun Bo Hue, and it's pretty good! Nice tasty spicy broth. I'm not crazy about the soft, thick, round noodles but that's my problem not theirs. :-)

The spice level is about the same as a "fake" satay-style Pho on Somerset, so it has some bite but won't make you gasp for air. The sliced beef and pork have soft cartilage and fat components that are easy to eat but might turn off less adventurous diners.

Next time I'll see if they're willing to substitute in regular pho rice noodles. Then it would be awesome!

2008 May 3
Excellent broth and spicy soup options here. My coworkers and I drive in from Kanata all the way to Bells Corners for the food.

2009 Jul 12
The appetizer sized bowl of won ton soup ($3.75) makes a perfect meal for a small child. It features about 6 small wonton dumplings (unexceptional), a very mild broth, and some slice carrots and cabbage.

Phở -1



2009 Jul 12
The non-beef options (P7 - chicken, and P8 - seafood) actually come with non-beef broth, even though the menu suggests otherwise.

The broth was just okay -- not something to make a special trip here for.