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2014 Aug 5 UNREAD
May your spark continue whenever a grill is lit.

Forum - Remembering Chef Obi

2010 May 14
it's now in my stats

2010 May 1
Please let us know what restaurant you work at. :)

2010 Mar 17
What restaurant do you work at? I'll be there everyday, hoping to catch that special! :)

2010 Mar 4
That sandwich.
I want it.

Does it exist?

2009 Nov 20
You were complaining about the canadian-version of chinese in the city. Have you tried out this resto? I found it excellent northern chinese fare and many do claim it is authentic.

2009 Sep 29
LOL, glad you liked the 50 cent...

My partner works right near you establishment now, which is making me think I should drop by some day to sample your fare... any recommendations?

2009 Aug 26
The cheese is AMAZING!! Thank you so much! We had some the other night with grapes, apples and baco noir (maybe not the best pairing, but I do love baco). What kind of cheese is it? I've never seen it before.

I'm saving the Malbec for something special =P

2009 Apr 24
Obi can I please have that sandwich in your profile pic? Looks amazing!

2009 Apr 23
chat me up
I don't bite