What the heck has spicy food done to me??? [General]

2008 Jul 31
So, last Friday went to Chahaya Malaysia with two friends who LOVE spicy food. I've been there many times since it is literally a 2 minute walk from my house.
Unrestrained testosterone got the best of us and we ordered the spiciest things on the menu (Randang, Malay shrimp hot, and Malay fried noodle hot) and finished the pot of chili sauce on the table. Anyone who has eaten there knows their "hot" is not in the same league as other restaurants...
Okay it was hot as hell, and the spiciest food I have ever had in a restaurant, but oh so yummy.
The table beside us was 4 FOB Malaysian dudes who all ordered "medium-hot". They were laughing and shaking their heads at us and were probably whispering "Crazy white dudes..."

So, will spare you the details, but all was fine that night other than a slight "warmth" in the belly. Day 2 all hell breaks loose and I feel like I got punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson (circa 1987). Lasted for three days. Then subsided somewhat, but my system still kills me anytime I eat anything. What did I do? Shock my system? Aggravate an ulcer??? Ugfhhhh..

Can't wait to go back to Chahaya...

2008 Aug 1
ahh, I love that place too. I find the sambal sotong hotter than the beef rendang but have not tried any of the other "three star" hotness food there yet. They pack a punch though!

I do recall having burning sensations in the bathroom the next day ;-) but not any 3 day pains like yourself.

The owner guy doesn't warn me anymore when I order!

2008 Aug 1
Sounds like the fire is still burning! Put it out with some chamomile, mint or ginger tea (real ginger). And some bread!

2008 Aug 1
I love Chahaya... although I don't find their food to be insanely hot, it would be for most foodies! As to your issue, I may be able to help a bit. I've been known to eat habanero sauce as a snack, so my insides occassionally get torn up. However, that being said, I've never had anything last for three days, nor do I have any ill effects with food afterwards. I would suggest seeing a doctor perhaps, or at least giving up spicy food for awhile to see if that helps. Not everyone can handle it, no matter how great it is!

2008 Aug 1
If the tea that Oliversrock suggested doesn't work, I'd recommend seeing a doctor. Have you tried any antacids, like tums?

2008 Aug 2
Well all is good now...thankfully.

2008 Aug 2
I recommend Tums, they seem to help on the "exit" of the spicy food (if you know what I mean) as well as the calming effects on the stomach... I love spicy food, so now I'm going to have to try this place out!

2008 Aug 3
good to hear you survived, Daft. 3 days sounds like an awfully long time for a chili-hangover, though. Have you ruled out the possibility of something bacterial? I'm not attributing that to Chahaya (which i agree is excellent!), perhaps it was just coincidental?

anyway, again, Chahaya is good eating!

2008 Aug 6
I must say... 3 days sounds like an awful long time to be dealing with something like this. :(

My first (non-expert) opinion would say, is to check with a doctor -- it really shouldn't take this long to heal a sore stomach that's been overexposed to spice.

My best guess is that you've aggravated a minor ulcer by pouring a lot of spice on top of it. Best way to figure this out is by a doc examine your stomach.

Good luck, and I hope you're feeling better soon!

2009 Jan 27
made me addicted to eating fried Thai bird chilis in Golden Mountain sauce

2009 Jan 29
I may find myself outclassed, but I suggest going to Siam Bistro and ordering the boar curry (#36) at * * * intensity.

It's fantastic.

It makes me see through time and gives me the strong desire to smash bricks with my bare hands.

We're going to try * * * * next time, because every time we order * * * we get less and less punchy.

2009 Jan 31
Momo, unless it is a Jungle (Issan-style)curry (other words, no coconut milk) or a Jamaican style curry using scotch bonnets, I find no curries spicy enough
try a good som tom (Thai/Lao papaya salad), or nom thog (Thai grilled beef salad)
those I find come close to what I consider spicy

2009 Jan 31
i agree w/ Chef Obi: gang pah (jungle curry) is a good curry for heat ... actually, i believe the one Momo refers to might actually be a jungle curry, no? (Doesn't Siam Bistro have at least one jungle curry on its menu?)

agreement again on the som tom. I remember an extra-spicy som tom (in Thailand) as likely the spiciest food i've ever eaten ... and to qualify, spicy but still tasty / well-prepared.

i'd also add some of the other issan salads like the Larbs -- you can get those pretty spicy if asked.

locally, Frederik White's roti (@ Carribean Flavors) also does the trick for spicy, if asked ... and sometimes without asking as well. :-) And, acknowledging Daft's first post (hehe), Chahaya is no slouch, either.

i eat spicy all yr round, but the winter cold is inducing serious cravings right now! hmmm, roti...

2011 Feb 16
Huh! I never replied to this.

Confirmed that the boar curry at Siam Bistro is a jungle curry: it's listed as gang ped moo pah on the menu.

And the * * * * heat level is sublime. You don't need much to satisfy you, and then you trip balls for half an hour. I'm going to be in the best kind of pain for the next couple of days.

2011 Feb 17
You want heat?

You want REAL heat? Someone pull a truck full of milk up to the curb and attach a firehose and stick it in my face before my head goes thermonuclear heat?

Go to THE GRAND. Ask for the hot sauce. The REAL hot sauce.

Slather it on your 'za or whatever.

Brace for impact.

If they tell/warn you they have a green batch, don't even brace for impact, just ask for a bucket of ice and milk to stick your head in between bites.