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One of the more popular (and simple) Vietnamese dishes, basically a combination vermicelli plate. Grilled pork (often shredded) and vermicelli noodles are served over a bed of greens (salad and sliced cucumber), herbs and bean sprouts. Also often includes a few chopped up egg rolls, spring onions, and shrimp. Served with roasted peanuts on top and a small bowl of nước chấm.


Bn Thịt Nướng at The Noodle House
Bn Thịt Nướng at Phở  M B G
Bn Thịt Nướng at Pho'licious
Bn Thịt Nướng at New Phở B G LA
Bn Thịt Nướng at Crispy Spring Roll
Bn Thịt Nướng at Crispy Spring Roll
Bn Thịt Nướng at Kanata Noodle House
Bn Thịt Nướng at Ox Head
Where to get Bn Thịt Nướng


2014 Jun 8
I tried the grilled pork with Pho'licious spring rolls on vermicelli. It was delicious and a great portion! I heard the pho is really good so will be back to try that next.


2017 Aug 14
Classic Bn Thịt Nướng here. I enjoy the addition of pickled onion which I haven't seen at other Vietnamese joints around town.

2013 Jun 25
Bun with 3 choices of accompaniments: shrimp on sugar cane, grilled beef and spring rolls. Again, one of the best in town. The marinated carrots and turnip (lo bok) add that extra yummy flavour. The shrimp on sugar cane was crisp and sweet.

My only complaint is that the upkeep is questionable. The place was still busy (Tuesday night) with lots of turnover. I just wish it was cleaner.

2012 Nov 11
By far my favourite bn in town. The spring rolls are the best. They have a lot of flavour and are in a wrinkly crispy texture. The grilled pork is also fresh and perfectly grilled. It is better than Saigon Pho on Somerset in that the meats don't have that overmarinated (possibly for a long time) taste.

Hard to explain, just a very good balance of flavours!

2012 Nov 11
One of my favourite bn in town. Tasty and fresh grilled meats and a good balance of veggies and peanuts, I have to say I have not been in a while. Will try again and post results.


2013 Mar 21
Glad to see them up and running again this year! I paid an extra $2 to increase my meat (beef AND chicken). The meal was tasty as I remembered from last season and the lady greeted me with a friendly "long time no see" that made me feel welcome. :-)

I'm thrilled that Ottawa is finally approving more interesting food trucks closer to the city core, but for now Stittsville has one of the best fast food options in town!

2013 Mar 19
No pictures, but had the same as FF, except with pork. It was very good. Spring rolls were still crisp after drive back to the office. I would love it if the Bun had some mint, but otherwise this was tasty version. Also would be good to have some chili garlic sauce but I didn't ask and I'm not sure if it is available. The prices have gone up a bit, its now $8.25.

2012 Aug 9
It is with a little tear of joy that I connect Bn Thịt Nướng to a food truck vendor entry. :-)

This wonderful little tray of tasty, fast (~10 minutes) takeout convenience food cost $7.75, tax in. Choice of chicken, beef, or pork.

The quality was easily restaurant level. Better than food court fare for sure. I asked for an honest recommendation for chicken or beef, and was offered a half-half taste of each. The chicken is excellent but the beef is good too. I've definitely had worse versions of each in restaurants.

The "fish sauce" (nuoc cham) was nice and salty but was very clear and had no real fishy taste, so maybe they don't put "fish sauce" (nuoc mam) in it?

The veggies were fresh and a nice accompaniment to the meal.

Folks, this is how fast food should look!!

2012 Apr 6
My wife had the vermicelli bowl with shrimp, beef, and chicken. It was all pretty good, although not char-grilled as you might find it on Somerset. The shrimp was very well-seasoned and tasty, and the chicken had an unusual hint of mild curry flavour. Good!

2012 Mar 3
This is a nice tasty vermicelli bowl. The chicken is really excellent, the beef is the boring thin sliced tasteless kind, and the spring rolls are okay. The ratio of ingredients is perfect.


2009 Jul 30
Got a quick takeout from here today at lunch. I usually get the pho, but today felt like Bun. I had it with grilled pork. It was excellent! The spring rolls were very good too. The pork did have a bit of fat on them - but for me thats a very good thing. I'm not up on my Bun prices these days - but it came to just over $10 with taxes - seemed a bit high, but very very tasty.


2018 Oct 14
Had dinner at the Noodle House recently, and think their grilled pork and springroll vermicelli (V03 on the menu) is a superior version, featuring loads of tender meat as well as finely cut and arranged vegetables, pickled onions and springrolls. My 2 dining partners also enjoyed their meals of grilled beef & chicken on rice and rare beef rice noodle soup (R03 and B04). Besides serving good food, this place also had kind service, bright and clean dcor, and free parking along Gladstone Ave. The 3 of us were the only diners in the restaurant during our meal (5 to 6 pm on a Sunday) which is a shame, and I couldnt help but notice while driving home along Somerset St. that other Vietnamese restaurants just a couple of blocks from the Noodle House were quite busy.