Foods from Phu-Yen

2009 Nov 23
We pick up dinner from here every couple weeks!

Small family owned restaurant, a hidden gem in the west end...

PHU YEN rolls are my favourite app.
Recommend: crispy beef noodles, spicy black bean egg noodles with beef, general tso and almond soo guy.

Have yet to try something I didn't like from here.

2008 Jun 23
First, Phu Yen is not the greatest restaurant. In fact, most of the dishes are sub par. However, there are a few dishes that are VERY good, and it keeps me coming back. I've eaten here once a week, on average, every week, for the ten years I've been in Ottawa.

The Pho is good. The vermicelli is above average (chicken or veg, avoid the fatty pork). The spring rolls are awesome.



2009 Jul 30
Got a quick takeout from here today at lunch. I usually get the pho, but today felt like Bun. I had it with grilled pork. It was excellent! The spring rolls were very good too. The pork did have a bit of fat on them - but for me thats a very good thing. I'm not up on my Bun prices these days - but it came to just over $10 with taxes - seemed a bit high, but very very tasty.