Wings at Brixton's British Pub
Wings at Brixton's British Pub
Foods from Brixton's British Pub

2014 Nov 28
This is probably the best value pub downtown. They have a reasonable beer selection with a couple of locals (Beau's and Mill St) though I would like to see more micros/nanos. Carlsberg personal pitchers for $10 every day. The servers have been there for ages and know what they are doing. And the food, while it might not blow you away, is always decent, fairly portioned and *reasonably priced*. A buffalo wrap platter, for example, is $8.99 and there is no charge to swap fries for salad (even caesar). The choices here go for like $14.99 at most places. It always seems clean inside and small touches are taken care of, like the ketchup bottles are full and not sticky. Definitely a good place for lunch, dinner, after work drinks, or later evening drinks.

2009 Jul 16
this is my fave watering hole to grab a pint after work

still working on Annie, the owner, a lovely person with a sincere heart, to get in Beau's
couple of nice big screen hi def tv's with sports always

can't testify for the food as I rarely eat at pub's
albeit, Chantel, the head cook seems to know what's she's doing

Julie and Courtney, the two main servers are always smiling and quick to produce your drinks even if they are the only ones on

during the summer there is a patio ...not a big fan as buses routes 1 and 7 go roaring by

Annie always as a customer appreciation day with prizes and giveaways. No one knows the rhyme or reason as to the date, it changes but.....hint: it's a week after Chinese New Year (She's is say "hung hay fat choy", if you attend the CAD)

'tis my 3rd home away from home
stop by
y'all might see me with a double rye or a awesome margarita or a pint
if not the side chatter from NDP wags might be your cuppa

2006 Sep 25
I recall this being a rushed, slightly overpriced, unpleasant place for a work-lunch. I got the impression they were able to cut too many corners since they did well from tourist walk-ins in the summer, tourists who don't need to be repeat customers. I had a limp, disappointing caesar salad. Only tried it the once, though, so I stand to be corrected.


2010 Jun 18
The Brix' is Back!
After a couple of poor experiences involving small, not as wonderful wings at Brixtons, I decided to take a bit of a hiatus from my regular Wing Wednesday nights there, in hopes that they were just going through a bad chicken patch. Well, the hiatus paid off! After a couple months, I returned this week to find my lovely, hormone pumped, plump favourite chicken wings! My friend and I decided to both go with the Honey Hot (a flavour they've just started offering this year), and a pint (or few) of Keiths. The wings were delicious; a great amount of sauce (you're not getting out of there clean, but the mess is restricted to your fingers), fantastic flavour, and a respectable size. We were left wanting more as the wings are served by the pound (I had 7 wings this time), and I'm not sure they used to actually measure it. All in all, a great wing experience, with great company, and great beer!
Welcome back to Brixton's British Pub!

2010 Jan 26
Brixton's is my favourite place to get wings in Ottawa. Itís a small place easily missed if you don't notice the "Tube" sign outside. They serve half price ($5) pounds of wings on Wednesdays, and have got to be the best wings I've had. The wings are big, crunchy, and the flavour is exactly what you would expect for a mild, medium or hot (You can also get suicide or honey garlic). If you go any other night, the wings are worth paying full price for - you won't be disappointed. The place does get busy, but Julie has always been the only waitress on when I've been there, and does a great job of keeping on top of your orders.

Size: 10/10 (I don't think I could eat any bigger)
Flavour: 9/10
Beer: I always go for Keith's IPA, but would recommend whatever you want-they have a great selection.

In photo - Medium on left, Hot on right


2011 Apr 8
real Maritime style open donair with the sweet donair sauce.

The sauce is a little off but it's close enough to satisfy a craving.

I'll include a picture next time I'm there.