Foods from Francesco's Coffee Company

2011 Feb 2
Francesco's is hand's down the best coffee roaster and best coffee shop in town. I lived in Vancouver for 3 years, which in my opinion, produced some of the best roasted coffee ever. Moving to Ottawa, I was very sad to lose my beloved West Coast coffee shops. After about 3 months of searching for Ottawa best coffee, I found Francesco's. This was 2 years ago now. It's located on the east side of Bank St, just south of Fifth Ave. I generally chose to drink their Americanos. They also have a great selection of loose leaf teas.. Their staff is amazing. Definitely a place to try if you enjoy very good quality roasted coffee!

2009 Nov 3
Been coming to Francesco's for 1.5 yrs now; consistently awesome product (have had the espresso in various forms, scones, and grounds) and service. Staff is always friendly + happy--they must have great employers!

2009 Jan 11
Unbelievably good coffee by the kilo. I probably spend too much money here, but it really is the best coffee you can buy. Everything is roasted on site in small batches, and I have found a much lower rate of quakers than in any other coffee available in Ottawa (get the French Roast Guatemalan, it is the best and really popular). The only problem that I have with this place is that the espresso drinks are brewed by a machine and require little finesse from the barristas. Even though it does ensure a high standard, I prefer the variability of a barrista.

2007 Jul 3
I must agree, Francesco's has extremely fresh coffee and their employees actually know their coffee. My friend used to work in their office for years, but quit before they closed up shop in Westboro. They have since reopened in the Glebe I think, and they continue to sell their coffee in a few retail locations, Rainbow Foods comes to mind.

2006 Dec 10
I've been to their Westboro store and it looks like they're opening another one on Bank Street near Fifth. I brew their coffee and espresso at home. Lots of variety. This is the best coffee in town in my opinion - always fresh.

2006 Nov 23
I had gotten the impression from the website that the main office isn't open to the public for retail, but OJ looked into it and this was the reply:

Absolutely, we are open to the public from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. Our coffee is served at many of Ottawa's finest restaurant establishments.
Amongst them:

Bella's Bistro,
Wellington Gastro Pub,
Milagro Grill
Restaurant 18,
The Social,
Infusion Bistro
Le Sans Pareil
Chez Lucien

and the list goes on...
Thanks for all the info, OJ. I look forward to trying the one you recommended!

2006 Nov 22
All the coffees are roasted on site. They have many organic and fair trade coffees.

I recommend their Guatemalan French Roast ($14 for 1 lb). Very good for morning treat.

They have moved to Hunt Club and Prince of Wales location. Other retailers who carry their products are:
- The Natural Food Pantry (All Locations)
- The Tea Party (119 York St.)
- Rainbow Natural Foods (1487 Richmond Road)
- Westboro Bakeries (354B Richmond Road)
- Le Pain D'Alain (53 boulevard St. Joseph)






2007 Nov 18
Francesco blends are now available in Hintonburg at the new bike/coffee shop called "Cyclelogik powered by Caffeine" (1111-A Wellington Street -

The coffee is awesome and the place has a unique atmosphere.

PS - they also offer indoor cycling classes.

2007 Sep 21
I usually get my espresso from Francescos. Their "el creamoso" espresso is the best espresso I've ever tasted bar none. Josh, (the owner ?) explained that the product is roasted twice weekly.
Recently I tried their Dark Roast Guatemala and thought it was excellent.
I agree that the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Highly recommended for the coffee gourmand.


2007 Aug 26
Best espresso in town..lots of crema, lots of flavor, no weird bitter after taste that i sometimes get at other coffee shops. I love the lattes there.

The store is quiet, but the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Nice selection of fair trade and organic coffee beans for home brewing. yum.