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2007 Jun 15
Baccara at the Casino du Hull is one of four 5 star rated restaurants in Canada, by the CAA. Guess they are trying to be like the Michelin Guide.

The other three are the 4 seasons in Vancover, which I have been to and is no hell.. a farm in rural quebec... and the fourth...I forget.

I have heard that Baccara is quite expensive, but the booze/wine is probably a major component of a $2000 bill for two on a firend's anniversary date.

Another place that is well known for french cuisine is Signiture's, which is the cordon blue school in Ottawa.

Bistro... Beckta's is the best and then for value, La Tartuffe in Hull.

If you're looking for ethnic places, for a gastronomic experience....good luck, there isn't any in Ottawa. Or more nicely put, let me know if you find one.