Yakimono (pottery) in Ottawa? [General]

2009 Aug 18
I've recently acquired what I hope is a nice junmai daiginjo sakÚ from the US (Born brand - at a Shop-Rite liquor store of all places, which had a whole shelf top of sakÚs of all types!), and I'm looking for a more proper way to serve it than pouring straight from the bottle into my green eat cups. (I already know it's extremely bad etiquette!)

While I know Toronto's Pacific Mall has an excellent japanese pottery store, I won't have a chance to go there for a month, and I've already had the sake for a few weeks - out of the refrigerator, in an apartment non air-conditioned, so I don't think I want to wait that long before drinking it (and inviting friends for it, since it's not a 300ml bottle!)

So, are there good stores in Ottawa for tokkuri (flasks) and guinomi (narrow cups)? I've already gathered that masu (cedar box) is not good for this quality of sakÚ.

Now to get the various sushi-making implements, knives and books I've received over the years and see if I'm missing anything (other than experience). And I already have very nice teas and a good tea service (Montreal's Camellia Sinensis has a wonderful $20 Japanese tea sampler), so I think I'm set for a good evening.

(Now if I could find that portable table-top teppenyaki grill I once saw in Toronto's kijiji...)

2009 Aug 20
AisuK> the glass you pictured looked very similar to a set of two glasses I've collected over the years...I love blue glassware but these have quite a stem

2009 Oct 1
Niall, You don't need to thank me :)
Hope you and your friends will have a good time!!

By the way, have you ever tried Shochu before?
You can buy shochu at LCBO.