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2011 Jun 14
Hey! We went to C'est Japon Ó Suisha at 7:30pm and were there until probably 9:00'ish. We were downstairs in one of the little "rooms" along the left side of the hall.

The down side of private dining is you don't see people you know! haha :-)

2011 May 31
I agree that the Bison burger wasn't greasy, but really nothing special. I just thought they would serve up a real burger.

Seems like you and I go to alot of the same places lol.

Have you ever tried the l'instant gourmond at the end of the food court. I have yet to try it, but they seem to have nice sandwiches and pasties. Also, do you have any comment on 'midi thai'. I always thought it was weird that there are 2 thai places and two chinese places in the same food court. The line up is too long at Thai Express most of the time, so I thought i'd see if you have tried the other one.


2011 Feb 9
awesome Stouts thread, Niall!

2009 Mar 17
Hi Niall,

Everything you need to know about fancy formatting for this site can be found in the HELP Tab.

Some people like to highlight (Bold) a variety of items, User Names & Vendors are probably the most common. Others use formatting (Italics, etc) however their creativity takes them... there is no right or wrong way.

The one thing though that most people agree on is when using the Vendor Codes (vxxx) that you also include the name of the Vendor before it... as it can be quite confusing when it comes up in the Forum as just a number reference, with no indication as to who the poster is talking about.


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2009 Feb 11
Hi Niall!

Welcome to Ottawa Foodies! I would suggest, if you're looking for good import chocolate, and people who know what they're talking about, to try the Candy Store on Richmond, just East of MEC. They sell Dolfin, as well as a number of others, including Galler, which is my personal favourite. Galler actually has some sort of special seal from the Belgian duke, and as far as I know, the Candy Store is the only place in Canada to get it so far (they do both truffle-style chocolate bars and straight chocolate). The Candy Store doesn't make their own stuff, but they are nonetheless super knowledgable about chocolate!!!