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2010 Jun 17
Not at all, I was very happy you sent me such useful info. Especially with regards to the ecology aspects. :)

2010 Jun 16
lol Jagash, hope my reply to your Vancouver thread didn't come off as too personalized. And, in particular, hoping i didn't put you on the spot to bring back some of that crappy Sake syrup from the Granville Island brewer. :-)

i was on the road at the time and soon to be in Vancouver myself, and think i posted, in a semi-slumber, as a note-to-self as much as to you!

2009 Aug 20
Jag buddy
looking at the places you've sampled so far, y'all need to get out a bit more
it can be done via mass transit
any given sunday lol
cheers friend
welcome to our community enjoy the ride
any ?'s feel free to ask/message