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2010 May 18
You're my kind of foodie! I would love to hear more about your adventures in France...I'm off to check out your blog : )

2010 Mar 6
I just spent an enjoyable and surreal moment lost in your Pierre Gagnaire blog posting. It reminded me a little of my own experience at Gatineau's "Le Baccara" restaurant. It's the most expensive restaurant I've ever been to, although the prices are significantly lower than M. Gagnaire's joint.

You write very well. Please allow me to join the others in welcoming you to our site!

2010 Mar 4
Hey! I have been loving your reviews! Keep posting please :D

2010 Mar 1
Thanks, snoopy loopy! I'm glad you appreciate my reviews!

I'm also happy to hear your little one has taken to food with gives me hope. :)

2010 Mar 1
Great reviews so far, definitely fun to read :) Congrats on the impending little one. They are a hoot!

So far our little foodie son (7 months) loves food as much as we do.

2010 Feb 25
Thanks for the add, RedRum. I appreciate it.

As for the little one, time will tell I'm sure. Friends of our just started feeding their seven month old bacon. It went well. A little too well, if you ask him.

2010 Feb 25
Thanks, Lady Who Brunches! :) I'm a long-time blogger and prefer to rant rather than stay on hopefully the blog will continue to grow I hope you continue to read! I'm going to add you to my blogroll 'cause I see you've got a little online space as well. :)

Many thanks for the congrats, as well. It'll be interesting to see what the wee one thinks of food when the time comes...

2010 Feb 25
I'm a fan more because of your first blog post than your reviews (though, I think they are swell also).

Ahem. Congratulations on the Little Rum (or Little Red?) as well!

2010 Feb 25
Thanks Momomoto, I appreciate it! :) There will be no shortage of reviews, believe me!

2010 Feb 25
Welcome to the site! Love the reviews so far. Keep eating out in fun places so I can read more ;)