Pancakes at Stoneface Dolly's
Pancakes at Perkins Family Restaurant
Pancakes at Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Pancakes at Flapjack's Pancake Shack
Pancakes at Perkins Family Restaurant
Pancakes at Wheeler's Pancake House and Sugar Camp
Where to get Pancakes

2010 Jan 11
Also there is Temple's Sugar Camp restaurant. It is open year round (though only on weekends I think, off-season, and potentially only one of the 2 days, but I can't remember which one). It's in a very nice, new building with exposed beams and was good the two times I have been. It's on Ferguson Falls road about 10 minutes past Carleton Place so not crazy far. They also host weddings and the like.

2010 Jan 10
Not sure if you're looking for a normal place to get pancakes or a sugar bush, but in my opinion, Stoneface Dolly's makes the best, and they are from scratch. Two kinds: Regular (with fruit or chocolate chips in them) or with ricotta cheese to make them super fluffy!

2010 Jan 10
Actually I think both Fulton's Pancake house and Wheeler's are open year round. They are however a bit of a drive, depending on where you live.

2010 Jan 9
Yes i do have to agree,where can we find a restaurant in ottawa that makes real pancakes,and not the batter crap,the sugar bush are great but are not year round,so if anyone knows of a place,could you please let me know,mother in ottawa dying for real pancakes,when ever i feel like it.

2007 Sep 14
I love pancakes and make them at home quite often. I would love to find a restaurant that makes them from scratch and that actually uses real maple syrup. I can't stand "fake" pancakes!


2014 Sep 9
The Buttermilk 5 looks impressive, but that was just too much pancake and sugar for me! Tasty though. Would make a great sharing plate for a group having some eggs.

2014 Apr 29
The pancakes here taste like they came from a mix. An awesome, perfect, addictive mix! I first had them many years ago, and I recently returned with my kids to see if they were as great as I remembered them. Yup!

The rest of the breakfast was fine. It's great to see real hashbrowns being served! The huge carafe of self-serve coffee is nice.

At $10.99 + $2.59 coffee, this was not a cheap breakfast. But 3 meats plus pancakes! I didn't need to eat anymore that day.

Service was super friendly too. A real treat!




2008 May 4
These things are massive, and have (somewhat unfortunately) become the standard by which my 4 year old son judges the pancakes I make for them on Saturday morning. The "sugar bush special" with 2 plate-sized pancakes and 3 maple sausages is well worth the 8 bucks you pay, considering you can drown them in as much maple syrup as you wish.

2007 Apr 9
These were the massive pancakes they serve. Good thing I only had two! I ate those and half of the side of beans and I was stuffed. So light and fluffy...nothing like the dense ones I make at home.


2016 Jun 4
The pancakes are thick and fluffy. These had raspberry in them. Other options include plain, bananas, or blueberries.


2012 Aug 14
I've been going to R&S for at least 4 years - I just love their pancakes - so good, thick and filling. I always order them with the sausages.
Tip - when ordering ask for 2 maple syrup packs because these pancakes absorbs the syrup up quite good. Great with their coffee. Never had any problems there at the restaurant nor any problems with the service.

2014 Jul 19
Being a purist, my first visit to Flapjack's (Glebe location) had to involve just plain pancakes. I opted for the Medium Stack -- 4 buttermilk pancakes for $3.99+tax = $4.50.

These are indeed excellent pancakes. Thick, fluffy but not too fluffy, and on the eggy side of the pancake spectrum. They get their uniform thickness and shape from being cooked in crumpet rings. Given the beautiful browning, I'm guessing they're using shortening to grease the skillet and rings. Sweet and salty levels are spot on balanced.

My one complaint is that the condiment cuplet of maple syrup was more suited to a pair of pancakes than to four. In terms of flavour and satisfaction per calorie, I'd prefer to have half the pancakes and more maple syrup. Butter would be nice too.

I'm not one who thinks pancakes make superior breakfast sandwich "buns" compared to the standard English muffin; however, if and when I return to Flapjack's I'll try a breakfast sandwich anyway.

Genius food truck idea! Ingredients are almost as cheap as for poutine and there's no deep fryer to maintain. Of course pancakes are waaay easier than fries to make at home, but that doesn't seem to stop people from lining up at this little shack in the urban woods.

2014 Jun 22
I went big the first time I came across Flapjack's Pancake Shack at the Somerset location, right in front of the Plant pool: I ordered the pancake poutine. It consisted of julienne pancakes, huge chewy cheese curds and a chicken gravy.

It was a lot of food but I did eat all the cheese curds. The chicken gravy is a good idea as it is a bit sweet and complements the pancake well. The pancake was thick and overall good tasting. I thought it was bit mushy in a couple of bites.

I'll definitely be back to try the other options. This was a bit of a huge portion for me!