Wheeler's Pancake House and Sugar Camp
Pancakes at Wheeler's Pancake House and Sugar Camp
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2011 Apr 4
Brought the family out this Sunday morning. It is a really enojoyable (but not necessarily authentic) sugar bush experience. The pancakes are good and the sausages are great. It is nice that the syrup is not rationed out, but honestly, I was not wow'd by the flavour.

The site, however is quite nice. Our kids (2 & 5) had a blast on the small playground, horse sled, walking trails, and seeing the cows and sheep.

We got there right at opening (9am, the joys of having youngsters) and we were glad we did. By 10am the line-up was huge.

2008 May 4
Last time we went out on Easter Sunday, I ended up talking with one of the owners and asking him about the big 45 gallon stainless steel drums they use for collecting sap in. Of course I wanted one for making beer in :-) He said he had one with a small leak in the lid that he could sell me, and so I left that with him. The other day I got an email from his son telling me he'd located the drum in question and I could come out and get it.

So we took the family out again today for a pancake breakfast. Once again all four of us had the sugar bush special with 2 massive pancakes and 3 maple sausages. Once again impressive - extremely yummy all around. The boys chowed down like champs, and the little they did not finish I was happy to oblige them.

I was very impressed with the way the owner Vernon Wheeler offered me the drum the first time, at a very good price (cheaper than the cost of the weight of the stainless steel, for sure), and then followed-through without my prompting and located it for me. This is the sort of family-run operation that I wish there were more of.

2008 Mar 23
Took the family out there today - Easter Sunday. Takes about 75 minutes to get there. We arrived about 10:15 am and got seated immediately. We each ordered the 2 pancakes and 3 sausage for 8 bucks. My wife and I were pretty impressed that the boys (4 and 6) almost polished theirs off completely! One ate all the pancakes and 1 of the 3 sausage, and the other ate all the sausage and 1.5 of the massive 2 pancakes. The meal filled me up really well - and I'm still full 3 hours later. Took a nice walk through the woods with the family, and for 2 bucks each we took the sleigh ride - pulled by 2 clydesdales.

It was a great day - would recommend it for sure. I think it will become an annual event for us for easter. BTW, by the time we finished our meal about 11 am, there was a lineup of 30 or 40 people waiting to be seated. And the lineup was just as long when we finally left around 12 noon.

2007 May 9
I have to start off by saying I'm biased. I like many things about this place, and it shows in my review. I like the drive to get there, even though I've been 'sortof' lost a couple times. I like the ambience there, sort of like hunting lodge without the bearskin or the deer antlers over the fireplace. I like the pancakes. They are tall and fluffy and delicious. I like the fact that the maple syrop is bottomless. They put a bottle on the table, and refill if required. The maple sausages as mentioned by others are very tasty. It's hard to decompose what makes a great breakfast sausage but I'll try. These sausages are lean, and almost have a dry consistency, with awesome meat flavour, and a faint maple flavour. Of course after I'm done dousing them with their excellent maple syrop.. they're very maple-y. I've had the beans, and was not as unimpressed as foodlover, but I've seen beans prepared like this before. It's not my favourite, but they were alright. I'd love if they had beans in a more molasses/maple sauce instead of just mush.. but chacon son gout. If you make it the right time of year, you can also take horse pulled wagon rides, or hike through their maple forest (they have hiking trails marked). Totally unrelated to food, I'm also amused by the service staff (which are most excellent and accomodating, in a friendly 'Mel's Diner' sort of way... not a Beckta or Juniper sort of way) which I think are mostly related to the Wheeler clan. I dont know for sure, but last time I was there, 75% of the staff had nametags with only a first name, while the others had both first and last. I think (total guess here) that the staff with only first name listed are Wheelers or kin, and staff with both names are unrelated. Anyone able to verify this? I totally recommend this place!

2007 Apr 9
It was my first time here today, my first time at any sugar bush for that matter! We arrived there around 10:30 in the morning and there were only a few tables, so no waiting. The service was prompt and friendly. I had 2 pancakes and a side order of maple baked beans. I'll comment on them separately.

The place where you eat is in a huge open log cabin, complete with the exposed log ceilings, which I totally love. They fry up the pancakes and french toast, and scoop up the beans in the open...like not back in the kitchen. Connected to the restaurant part is where the 3 huge vats are that collect and boil the maple syrup. Very interesting!


2008 May 4
These things are massive, and have (somewhat unfortunately) become the standard by which my 4 year old son judges the pancakes I make for them on Saturday morning. The "sugar bush special" with 2 plate-sized pancakes and 3 maple sausages is well worth the 8 bucks you pay, considering you can drown them in as much maple syrup as you wish.

2007 Apr 9
These were the massive pancakes they serve. Good thing I only had two! I ate those and half of the side of beans and I was stuffed. So light and fluffy...nothing like the dense ones I make at home.


2007 Apr 9
The beans were so weird, I couldn't even eat them. They were sweeter because of the maple syrup, obviously, but it was like some sort of mushy, thick stuff inbetween the beans...very strange. Not saucy like what I'm used to with baked beans.


2008 Mar 23
Sausages were very yummy! Lean and mapley!

2007 May 7
Didn't make it out to Wheeler's this year, but I always order an extra side of maple sausages to go with the ones that come with the "two pancakes and two sausages meal." They really are that good.

2007 Apr 10
I forgot to talk about the sausages when I posted last time....
Even though I don't eat meat, my bf's mom ordered the maple sausages with her pancakes. She thinks they are really yummy (just like zymurgist does!) I wanted to mention them because I read on their menu that they are 100% pork AND homeade! I'm guessing people probably don't find many breakfast sausages homeade anymore, at most restaurants.